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Relaxing trip to Schönbrunn

… the steps at the Gloriette are perfect to catch a wonderful view over “Vienna” 😉




I love this top 😉 …


… famous viennese coffee, a walk through the garden of Schönbrunn, catching views … perfect relaxing sunday 😉



  1. a coffee with you would always been a dream…

  2. You need some cream in that…? hehe 😉

  3. You’re the perfect Viennese woman!!

  4. Walter Zutell

    July 30, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Those eyes are so mesmerizing 🙂

  5. Which coffe? Ah! The coffe! Yes 🙂

  6. Dear Vienna: What a sexy glance! beautiful, beautiful as always red head goddess!

  7. Your bottom lips are gorgeous, as always ! That must be a delight to test them !

    Naughty kisses everywhere on your hot, hot body 🙂

  8. It would be a dream sitting 2 steps below you accommodating the head between your legs

  9. Love you exposing in public under a short skirt!!

  10. Did you hear my jaw? It hit the floor…many times. Thks form sharing what mother nature gave you, sweet honey

  11. Perfect view indeed;)

  12. nothing is better than a coffee from vienna *mhh*

  13. I need to travel more to Vienna and do more sightseeing. Thanks for making Schönbrunn even more beautiful. But it was hard to notice the background when you are in the picture.

  14. Hey nice pussy, but can we have some playing with the pussy pics ??? yum,

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