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Holidays in France – 1st day (on the journey)

Woohooo Paris on the way!!!


The question of the day was what to wear during the journey. Sexy and revealing this was clear, but of course I have a lot of options which comply with this attributes.
High heels are a must, even on a long traveling day. But how to cover or should I better say present the rest, hehe
I decided for a short wicked weasel skirt, of course without panties beneath. And up above I was wearing a transparent black top. Can you imagine all the views at the airport?! The only thing to decide was where to look first, my good visible titties or my 15 cm short skirt or my 13cm high heels …


The guy at the security check was completely nervous and when it make a beep he said amused “what can she hide?” So although I really was wearing nearly nothing I had to go to the security box with security guard, a woman about in my age. There was not much to touch for her and when I sit down to put on the shoes again the curtain already was open, so I gave a very explicit view …
During the flight one row in front of us on the opposed seats a young couple were sitting. I am not sure, but I think he recognized me in the moment we come in; however my outfit fascinated him very much. He was sitting at the corridor and so he was lucky to get some nice views. It was such a fun!



Now we already arrived, so PARIS HERE I AM!!!


Back from dinner! Like expected it was delicious just like my outfit 😉


Kisses your V


  1. Paris is nice, but Vienna is hot

  2. I liked hearing about your meeting with the security guard and young couple….I love all the details!! :* :* :* :* :* And that outfit was perfect! I know you’ll only get better, hotter and more naked!! 🙂

  3. Ich fliege nur noch mit der Lusthansa, ups Lufthansa.

  4. Looks like you are going to have a great time and so is Paris. You look absolutely gorgeous.

  5. You’re si pretty and si sexy
    Vive Vienna in FRANCE

  6. Enjoy Paris, I will enjoy the pictures you hopefully will take. Why does it not look like this when I fly with Lufthansa, that would be the best flight ever. But then again not all have your sexy looks, enjoy vacation.

  7. I love your indecent transprent top you weared during the flight.
    But, also, I much more love your so erotic smile when Matt is taking photos of you in public!
    Tu es si belle!

  8. wer wuerde nicht gern mit dir eine Packung “Pariser” verbrauchen? 😉 hihi

  9. Now that’s flying high!!

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