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Naughty over the clouds ;)

Dear guys, a little teaser of one of my naughty trips 😉
One more really hot vid this month at voyeurweb.
Enjoy … your day, kisses your Vienna

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  1. Hi girl, you are as always a dream… hope to see more and more from you!

  2. Dear Vienna,

    I would love to be your personal flight attendant!

  3. Flying the friendly skies when you’re on board!! :* :* :* :* :*

  4. Immer wieder herrlich, diese Frau aus meiner Heimatstadt anzusehen. Bin gespannt, ob ich dir mal über den Weg laufe. Bis jetzt kam es leider noch nicht dazu.

  5. Wow. Just…wow. I bet that guy in the next seat remembers that for the rest of his life.


  7. Flying Sexy!!!! Fliegen ist schöner, haha. Thanks for sharing and for being you and just pure hotness

  8. We want to see so much more of you (and Matt) on your trip to Paris and Cap d’Agde! It is excellent to see you on the airplane. How many other people were on the airplane? Can we see more? Please!?

  9. And this on Lufthansa, cool

  10. Lovely lip exposure…you know…the ones down below!! So close and real, I thought I felt them!! Just one lick….would not be enough!!!

  11. Hi
    i’m really crazy for Vienna
    may i ask , could be possible hear Vienna’s voice?

    tschuss from italy

  12. God I love the Airbus A320!

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