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Berlin, Berlin …


What a city … never have met more liberty and openminded people. Have to return asap 😉


  1. …und falls dir Berlin doch mal nicht mehr gefallen sollte, kommst du einfach zu uns in den Süden… <3

  2. Dear Vienna, you will always be welcome to Berlin!

  3. Dear Vienna: I have never seen Berlin so beautiful ! thank you redhead goddess

  4. Vienna…you are stunningly beautiful both inside and out

  5. The bag should read…”The Original Vienna…I just make the city look SO much better”. Thanks for posting again, Vie. I look forward to EVERY photo and video. But the wait is ALWAYS worth it. Damn, I am horny after such a wicked weekend. Peace and…. <3

  6. Wait for you to cross the ocean! We have beautiful places to visit!
    Always beautiful dear V! Kisses xx

  7. Scheint, als hätte ich die Stadt zu früh verlassen… (Aber das nhow ist nett, oder?)

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