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Portuguese autumn

A light warm breeze blows around my body. Wearing only a light Jacket, nothing beneath. Doesn’t sound like October, but it is. Lisbon is the right place for a short time-out end of October 😉

I enjoy it so much to show off and flash the city. Feel the warm wind directly on my nipples.


All people around are really relaxed and I enjoy it to be watched.


How I feel in this moments? … beyond words, a mixture of adrenalin-thrill and free of all social restrains and pressures … heavenly 😉



  1. You are so splendid ! (as always) #InLove 😉

  2. Red in your head and your shoes, and yellow in the middle 🙂 You look dressed with Spanish flag :b

  3. cre8tiveproduction

    October 29, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    Hun i LOVE LOVE LOVVVVE the shoes 🙂 and you look so Beautiful Moist Kisses Lizzy XXXXXX:)

  4. You really know how to dress to impress, but “dress” in this case is not the best word 🙂 As always great shoot!
    Stay nude and happy.

  5. Are you taking advantage of this hot autumn in the Iberian Peninsula? Or is this autumn so hot because of you?

  6. top class photos, wonderful 🙂

  7. I’d like to peek under your skirt, almost naked is more exciting.

    however, you’re beautiful, I love you.

  8. Tolle Schuhe, aber kein Vienna Tag

  9. Hi vienna, i know this place, i was there the last year.
    It’s a very nice place with a wonderful view, but i’m pretty sure that you get a lot of tourists confused for what was the most beautiful view 😉

    However, i know you like to read comments, but we also like to interact with you with questions, feedback…so, please feel free to do it. It encourages us to write comments on your beautiful blog.

    Last thing: the best way to feel your excitement is that you tell the story that is beneath every step in your trips. Knowing why you choose this outfit, what you loose on the road, what were reactions…and whatever tells the story you lived.

    Many kisses,

  10. Fantastic. Would lurve to see you with a landing strip

  11. Damn Vie, you look so lovely…..and naked. You probably increased the love making of a few gentlemen. I love when you are SO naked in public. 🙂

  12. You are fantastic!!!! You are so natural when you posed naked
    I like too much when you wear only a shoes…

  13. Du bist mit Sicherheit einer der Frauen mit dem meisten Selbstvertrauen die ich kenne!

  14. The third photo is my favorite….of your tits….damn someone should make a statue in this view. Damn Beautiful!!, Beautiful.

  15. hi vienna,
    i would give to you and Matt a very good 5point vote for the 3rd photo.
    This photo leave me breathless. You look so sure, so heavy instead the tourist behaviour.
    And a very good choice for the shiny green coat, the good light so that the sun fire your redhead.
    I vote 10 for this photo.
    The ‘Venere di Botticelli’ is nothing compare to you, tu sei una Venere sensazionale!!

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