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Month: October 2014 (page 2 of 2)

teaser ;)))

I am really thankful for the great success of my blog and all your great feedback.

For all who help me to keep the site in that way with their donations (in September and October ) I will publish a vid this weekend 🙂 pw I send by E-Mail

Wish you all a great weekend, kisses your Vienna



… about all your lovely comments and your great feedback!
Preparing something hot, you asked the last months for ;))))))



Dinner with MEEEE :)

Don’t miss it 😉


… Hope you all are hungry now for me looool
Love you guys, kisses your V

looking forward my new contris for you at vw ;)


Fun in the vineyards ;)


Hamburg – Gateway to the world



Looking back to some great trips of the Year. Hamburg was great, even if the weather wasn’t …

With a lot of pleasant anticipation for my next trip end of October … guess where I want to go 🙂

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