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VID: One Minute Happiness Nude On Ski

Winter is coming, but no need to be worry. Austria is the perfect place for skiing fun. Ride with me down the slope and enjoy one minute happiness nude on ski, hehe




  1. Oh, my God how beautiful you are.

  2. Phil Davis (jaypusx)

    November 28, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    OMG, Vienna. I am always amazed every time I see your photos and videos. Not only are you beautiful with a gorgeous figure, but you are so athletic and you ski so well. Love the video and it seems others did as well since you were gathering a crowd at the bottom of the run. Question – is that a tattoo on your bum or is it a bruise? Love to you and Matt.

  3. I love this hair style

  4. So beautiful, great Vienna !!

  5. So hot you risk being banned from the slopes for melting all the snow.

  6. fantastic……did you fall on your bum?

  7. been watching your posts for years. since almost the beginning. beautiful woman your biggest fan

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