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Month: January 2015

snowy sunday greetings

hi guys, send you biiiig kisses out of the snow. will relax now a little bit and later reply your last comments, thx so much for everyone who wrote to me :-***



donation system

My dear supporters
Thanks so much for all your encouragement to continue my way during the last months. I always appreciate your comments so much! Your donations make it possible to keep my site free, and I haven’t in mind to change 😉
Unfortunately, Paypal blocked my account with the justification, that the nudity-content of my site is objectionable and does not correspond with their terms and conditions. This means for me, that I have to search for a new way to receive donations. I already have some ideas, but it takes some time to make the right decision.
Of course your donations are very welcome anytime. If you want to support me, send me a personal message or just wait until we set up a new donation system.
BTW: your ideas are most welcome!
Kisses your Vienna!


Bed time …

Just making myself “bed fine” do you like to join me!? 😉




good night, kisses your V

… the answer is …

Thanks so much guys for all your lovely and sooo funny comments.

OK I tell you know 😉
One of the guys who saw me before nude (I am not sure if it was the one left with the black outfit) was following us. Behind Matt he show his thumb up and shout loud “marry me” … so sweet and he looked so lovely ;)))

Kisses your V


loool ;)))

Do you find out why I had a “laugh flash” ?! ;)))
If yes you get an extra pic of my hot adventure in Lissabon :-* 😉
And sorry but it is not so easy hehe


Happy nu(e) Year 2015 ;)

Hello my dear guys, I wish you all a happy and crazy nu(e) Year 2015 😉

I am really thankful about your great support, your lovely, charming, flattering, hot comments, crazy and great ideas and just for knowing you have been with me in 2014!

I am looking forward to crazy adventures in 2015. We already have very hot plans for April, be curious and surprised! And sth special and long asked in January 😉 More about soon here!

Thx for all your wishes … I love to read your comments :-

Kisses your Vienna!


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