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snowy sunday greetings

hi guys, send you biiiig kisses out of the snow. will relax now a little bit and later reply your last comments, thx so much for everyone who wrote to me :-***




  1. Oh YES!! I really needed you today, Vie!! And like a champion, you showed your loveliness!! Love your smile! ONLY wish you the HOTTEST of nights!!!

  2. Fantastic as always. More please 😀

  3. Dear Vienna,
    I adore Your smile in the first picture. Your rock hard nipples are also fantastic!
    You are classy and beautiful woman :-*

  4. Da gibt’s nicht viel zu sagen außer: HOT HOT HOT
    Love You so much vienna

  5. Oh my God! How can you be so sexy? :-*

  6. Love your fiery red hair, that slender figure and sunny smile!

  7. Looking buff my lady!!!

  8. And I love that tangled red hot hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nu!
    Please consider completing at the next festival??

    World Body Painting Festival


  10. Geniale Bilder. Mich wundert es nur dass der Schnee bei diesem heißen Anblick nicht schlagartig verdampft 🙂


  11. Christian Dumoulin

    February 7, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    Wow ….I love all your photos Vienna ! You are a queen of beauty ! :-))

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