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Unique unpublished pictures for your support ;)

I am happy that I found WITH YOUR HELP a new reliable and competent partner for a safety and discrete handling of your donations.
Your donations make it possible to keep my site free and to work on new fantastic nude-projects like my upcoming book which due to be released soon. Never published spectacular nude pictures at some of the most famous places in the world will be presented there.
Sydney, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam are only a few of many places I visited in my very own way 😉
For all of you who make a donation in February I will provide some exclusive pictures, which were on the final list for my book but failed during the last selection. As usual I will send the necessary password by email.

Kisses your Vienna



  1. Is there a limit (maximum/minimum) donation and images?

  2. Bin schon sehr gespannt. Lg

  3. Yes ! Super!! the dream continu!!! Superbe exhib…. thanks

  4. Bin schon sehr gespannt auf dein buch und die extras 🙂 lg

  5. Can you do this in bali?

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