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Sexy Saturday Greetings :)

Hey guys
Its weekend and I am really happy to find some time to share my sexy moments with you.
I did my workout in the morning, the feeling to do something I love a lot and even more the satisfied feeling when its done 😉



I hope you like the result 😉


what can be better than a hot both …


shaving my warm wet pussy ;))))


DONE !!!

now working at my book, later we go out for dinner … would you help me to find a sexy hot outfit?

I keep you updated and response to your lovely comments at the weekend, too 🙂

Hot kisses Vienna


  1. If I may say… A see through tight dress that the waiter or waitress gets to see your breasts and pussy so he or she gets really horny and want to hook up with you..

    • I agree. Sheer dress, in a warm sunny bar, to walk among the patrons, sharing what ever the sun illuminates. A surprise with every step, each one more beautiful than the last.

  2. Hot , super Hot , perfekt, Breathless and the Fön

  3. Vienna, You’ve got a body to die for! I would love to be Your neighbour and to see You naked every day. As always I adore storm of Your red hair and bald, beautiful pussy. Stay nude and happy. Kisses :-*

  4. Da_real_Viennas_Apple_Lover

    February 21, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    You can wear your String with the Pearls….
    Or you wear anal Love balls?! And show us a little video how you walk with inside this…. 😉 in a nice skirt…. 😉

  5. Dare I say, perfect!!

  6. I would love to join you in sexy workouts then in the bath! Loved the closeup of your smooth hot pissy in the bath too (so tasty)!!!

    I’d love you in something transparent too, maybe a way for your breasts to be easily visible…would love u to be touched in public too!! Wish I could help you with both!!

  7. Wenns nicht so kalt wäre, dann hättest du ja schon das richtige an 😉 Lg

  8. Sure hope there’s no cracks in that dryer cord Nu!!!!!
    It would be “shocking” to hear Matt got traded in for a hair dryer!!

  9. V,

    If you stood in the doorway like that at my house…game on! Dinner would have to come to us! We would both be too tired and sweaty to leave! As for the outfit, wear whatever you want. You’ve never disappointed!

  10. been working my butt off for the last two months….lots of overtime at work…this cheered me up..V…the bottom line is you have an amazing body..and I for one appreciate you sharing it with us….thanks matt for helping…..mwaaaah…..

  11. Perfect shaving… Perfect pussy… perfect ass and very beautiful legs….I didn’t answer at the dressing question but i hope so that did you expose this perfect shaving at the public. ( he’s meant to be seen! ;D )

  12. cute ass and awesome body overall :-))

  13. What did you end up wearing?

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