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Nude Urban Project – 8 exclusive pics

My upcoming book will be the first part of a long time nudity urban project. What’s more peaceful than to travel the world nude? It’s always a big thrill to take off the clothes amongst thousands of tourists around but only moments later I can experience the greatest imaginable liberty.
Nudity, love, happiness and freedom all this I can transport out in the world in these moments and always I get back wonderful feedback which motivates me to go on my way.
For all those who support me with a donation – from now till the next feature posting – I will thanks with a little insight into my nudity urban style projects by now. 5 exclusive pictures out of the book selection only sort out in the final selection together with 5 picture which are a little to explicit for my book, certainly every picture unpublished so far. Under the link you will find these pictures. The password will be sent to you with the confirmation email after your donation. I am excited to read your feedbacks!

Kisses your Vienna





  1. Hi honey,
    I tried to make a donation but my Mastercard was refused. I don’t have any other card but I really want to make a donation. How can I do?


    • Hi Ghost,
      thank you so much! We added some new payment options, (without credit card) maybe you can use one of these methods. Otherwise let me know we will find a way 🙂
      Kisses Vienna

  2. Beregor Morkaninos Duaner

    February 22, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    RAAAAAAHHH !! j’ai fais la donation trop tard !! lol

  3. Same for my card too V…. I’m in the US, so I’m sure that makes a difference…I also tried yesterday to send through PayPal but the email was denied….you can write me at my email and we can think of other ways I can send you donation…..

    Your California fan,


    • Hi Flaco,
      Unfortunately Paypal blocked my account 🙁
      Maybe you can use one of the new methods I implemented now. Otherwise let me know and we will find a way 🙂
      Kisses Vienna

      • Vienna,
        i have a problem donating, nothing want work. That is from list of options. And i want to donate so badly. 🙂

  4. Hi sweety,
    I just made a donation through Direct Pay. I hope this will work well :p

    Looking forward to some new pics from you 😉

  5. Habe dir auch eine kleine Aufmerksamkeit zukommen lassen 🙂

  6. I made a donation but there was no password in the confirmation email…

    I look forward to see your pics and buy your book!

  7. i tried to donate won’t accept my card

  8. As an adventurous female actively into another form of public exhibitionism (public BJ) I admire what you appear to do and support your stand for freedom and nudity acceptance… you mention ‘wonderful feedback’ but what about in situ when you do this.. surely all reactions are not positive from individuals and crowds? I know I have had a lot of negative responses from people in public. And what about authorities.. have you not yet been arrested or cautioned against this? Living in Britain I am always envious of all these European women on websites who seem to get away with this stuff so apparently easily…..

    Oh, by the way I think the ‘keyhole’ graphic looks really naff and does nothing for your image of freedom..kinda tacky and false to present images in that way yet label them as ‘exclusive pics’ (unless you mean excluding your viewing audience) I find that off putting and rather overly commercialised.

    Good luck with your adventures though.. I do admire your bravery..

  9. I donated, received a confirmation e-mail from CC bill but no password. Is that the confirmation e-mail you mentioned or is one still on its way?

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