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ValenThai Dinner

My this Year valentines present from Matt was a dinner at my new favourite Thai restaurant in Vienna. Sooo… delicious! My present for Matt was my transparent and short outfit, hehe … and not only Matt enjoyed this view. I felt really comfortable and enjoyed the exciting situation! I was getting so hot, that I got the desire to make a little “flash-walk” through Vienna down town, but believe despite the cold weather I didn’t cool down, hehe
Want to see more of my night walk?
Kisses Vienna






  1. Have a good dinner Vienna. You are beautiful. The restaurant is nice. You have a beautiful shoes. Kisses

  2. There you go again with the silly questions lol
    You bet we do 😀

  3. Hi Vienna, The Most Beautiful Exhibitionist,

    I adore the new photos, especially the last one. I can see Your beautifully carved body and these sexy shoes… just great!
    You are a little overdressed for my taste 🙂
    I would love to see the rest of the walk!

    Regarding donations.
    I see that a lot of fans want to help You and we have problems with support :/
    For example my bank doesn’t offer Direct Pay services, other ways that You come up with are also unavailable to me.
    What do You think about Google Pay gift cards? I think it’s not ideal, because how much music or applications can You buy…
    Maybe we could send money to Matts PayPal account?

    Stay nude and happy!

    • I agree with that.. I also don’t have a credit card and I reattach want to give a gift. And I really want to support… For me and many of your fans it’s frustrating we can’t be the supportive fans as we like to be… And want to enjoy all the happiness that u bring us..

  4. Looks like Fun

  5. Show us more. Eventually a vid of you walking and showing your titts and pussy? Lg

  6. OMG OMG OMG! This has to be one of your hottest outfits yet, and you wear it beautifully. Thank you very much.

    I think I’m speaking for all of your fans when I say: of course we’d love to see more of your night walk! We live for this!

    You are so beautiful and fun, thank you for brighten up our lives!

  7. sure that we want to see more!!! 😛

  8. I am ok with g332er! And my answer is…. YES WE WANT!!!!! :DDD

  9. Hi Vienna, so scharf, wie du aussiehst, MUSS es doch am Valentinstag ins Thai-Restaurant gehen. Heißes outfit, so würde ich dir auch gern mal begegnen.
    Ist das Lokal empfehlenswert? Wo wart ihr denn?
    Alles Liebe!

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