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Month: March 2015

Send me a letter

New possibility for supporting my nude way of life 🙂
I know that many of you would like to support me but no of the previously offered options works for you (e.g. credit card type is not supported, …). From now there is an additional very easy way to support my nude way of life, just by sending your gift by letter (no package). And please do not forget to leave a message and your email address, that I can thank you in a proper way.
The address is:

Postfach 18
A-2544 Leobersdorf

Thank you so much! Many kisses


I’ll be free

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” Ralph Ellison
Another pic from my shoot with J.Winter



Today some happy Friday pics from last Summer, enjoy!
And don’t miss my new vid at voyeurweb!

Wet kisses Vienna!



April special – new hot stuff from Vienna & Gattina

So many friends and fans asked me if there are unpublished pics from our meetings with Gattina. The waiting will finally come to an end in April. Hotter and more explicit than ever! Ready to be surprised?!
Kisses Vienna


Outdoor nature photo shooting

The time has come: finally weekend and finally SPRING. Nothing compares to the mood when the cold days are numbered.
And this was the mood I had during a very special shooting this week when I was model for the Vienna photographer J. Winter. I love the result, I hope you too?!
Kisses Vienna




Wild Thing II

the cuddle cat was last time, today I like to be the wild one … come and play with me but be careful of the sharp claws 🙂

PIC_20110827 (74)

PIC_20110827 (109)

PIC_20110827 (107)

Wild Thing

Girls are like cats … they love to be loved … sometimes cuddly like a lap cat, sometimes wild like a leopard. You never know which one you meet today, the tender playful or the aggressive bold. Be surprised which one you will get tomorrow 😉
Miau …

PIC_20110827 (77)

PIC_20110827 (95)

PIC_20110827 (90)

PIC_20110827 (92)

Nude @ work

Week by week my book project is coming closer to finalization. Love to see the progress 🙂
These are so many beautiful memories of hot nude city adventures. I can’t wait to have this feeling again … my next trip is already fixed … guess where?!
Kisses Vienna





Melbourne Memories

… missing the hot days in OZ
Wish you all a great week, kiss kiss V



ready for workout?!

just some quick workout now … in the evening I answer your comments :-***

Foto 1


Foto 2

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