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Wild Thing

Girls are like cats … they love to be loved … sometimes cuddly like a lap cat, sometimes wild like a leopard. You never know which one you meet today, the tender playful or the aggressive bold. Be surprised which one you will get tomorrow 😉
Miau …

PIC_20110827 (77)

PIC_20110827 (95)

PIC_20110827 (90)

PIC_20110827 (92)


  1. Hopefully the Leopard 😉

  2. Awsome. Theres nothing more to say. Except want to see more ! Lg 🙂

  3. I love both the playful and wild side of you sexy kitty Vienna!!

  4. I adore you!

  5. Dear VIENNA: I like both; cat and leopard.
    You are stunningly beautiful! I love that second shot, you hypnotize with your beautiful eyes!!
    Very sexy leopard print accesories. THX Redhead Goddess.

  6. The first 2 are “lo más” :-*

  7. merrrrooooooowwww…….

  8. Meow!! Now that’s what I call a pussy cat!!

  9. So heiß. Grrrr

  10. Hi! I choose aggressive and bold leopard! 🙂
    Stay nude and happy.

  11. Awesome just simply Awesome.
    Your are the answer to every man’s dream.
    Your husband is a very lucky man

  12. Jolie ceinture! Elle te suffit amplement. .. Et ce côté femme fatale… kiffant! Merci pour ces belles vues de ton corps de rêve.

  13. Tu as croisé des voitures? ;))

  14. Nu?

    How many tutes of the horn did your slinky smooth leopard’s body get when that little silver car went by???

    o <3<3<3

  15. Sorry Nu, but I don’t know how to make use of the html tags you have listed???

  16. Hello Vienna,

    Leopard oder Katze in Sichtweite des Schneebergs …. das ist cool … also eigentlich hot hot hot

    LG Andi

  17. Hi ! You are the most beautiful girl ! Your pictures are wonderful ,very wonderful !

  18. Hi Vienna,
    hot pics from last summer with ” schneeberg” on the horizon 🙂 🙂 I love it,

  19. ciao, una convinta femminista!!! RESPECT
    complimenti per il trucco agli occhi, fenomenale, allo stesso tempo aggressivo e dolce. siamo con te!!!

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