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Update – Vienna and Gattina “bed”stage in Budapest

New pics now online in the April special!

This is the stoy:

… a mixture of the hot air and our burning desire makes our bodys wet of sweat. After our hands touched every part of the other now my tongue starts to explore her skin, goes slowly down until I reach her most intimate part, mmmh this is the tast of desire …

Come in and enjoy 🙂

Wet kisses Vienna & Gattina

2012_Vie_Gat (331)_a


  1. Am inviting you to invite me!

  2. A thing of beauty, so erotic.

  3. Hi! You both look fantastic! To be there and have fun with You I would be a dream come true. Have a great weekend.
    Stay nude and happy!
    P.S. You should meet more often. 🙂

  4. You are both so incredibly beautiful!

    Does Gattini taste as good as she looks?

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