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Buongiorno Roma!

After a nice trip and a relaxing first evening in Rome yesterday, I get up very early to use the early morning sun for the first pictures in the eternal City Rome.



Now we are back in our lovely Hotel and I am already thinking about the next nude adventure in Rome … maybe this afternoon?!



What do you want to see?

Kisses Vienna


  1. Anything as long as you are in it Vie. Your body puts those other pieces of art to shame

  2. Always the very best!

  3. Buongiorno Vienna!
    I would love to see You completely naked in some historical square full of people.
    You are the best. Stay nude and happy.

  4. Rom hat mich schon immer fasziniert! Aber so tolle Bilder aus der ewigen Stadt habe ich noch nie gesehen!
    Vienna in Roma! Fantastisch!!!!

  5. You could say that you were in Rome! I had the pleasure to meet you in person!

  6. You are amazing…. Every part of you is great to see. Love the nylons and heels.

  7. Stunning and want to see more pics pls

  8. Maybe a video with some toys and the “Vienna sound “? That would be great!

    Stay sexy, nude and happy 😉

  9. Vienna in my city wow ! You are wonderful !!
    I’d love to see you close to some monument .
    I suggest you visit the ” Giardino degli Aranci” , is a very nice garden with a wonderful view

  10. your wide opened butthole! yummy!

  11. Just Show us the exiting views of Rome. Or just you naked 😉

  12. Dear Vienna, how about you standing on the spanish terrace showing us your sexy ass stuffed with your nice butt plug. Or how about a little bath in the Trevi fountain? You could play with yourself at the colosseum! You could dare Italian waiters when eating spaghetti almost naked!

  13. Dear Vienna…
    dstabe1 names it:
    I would love to see you in the Trevi-Fountain, like Ekberg in Fellinis great movie.

    Guess everbody would forgive you if you weren’t fully naked…
    We don’t want you to get arrested.

    What I have to say:
    It is such a beautiful light falling on you in your room, just angelic…!

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