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Hi Guys,


Thanks for all your kind letters during this month. Every way to my letter box was a pleasure and your letters from all around the world makes me just speechless!

So here is the last part of my special birthday strip! ENJOY and be surprised what I have in mind for next month.

And don’t forget until tomorrow you have the chance for VERY special prices J

Kisses Vienna


romantic moments

good morning guys
in March I had a fantastic shooting with a photographer of Vienna. Some pics I already shown you 🙂
today its in the same way sunny and calm and I had to think about this day … so I want to share with you some more pics. Let me know what you think about.

And a special thx to all who sent me a birthday letter – the longest way had the letter from canada 😉 there are some special “things” in every letter I got and I feel really touched!!! All of you lovely, charming guys will get your personal thx soon 🙂

Don’t forget about the pricing … tomorrow is my bday party so I guess we will do it at the weekend.

Kisses your Vienna




I want to ride …

… my bicycle 😉
Today a look back to a wonderful day on the city bike last month. I had so much fun to explore Barcelona in that way! To wear this completely see through shirt and this mini short caused so crazy reactions I thought I was nude loooool … (my completely nude adventures soon for u)

Kisses Vienna






Make me nude part 7

Just 3 days until my birthday, so here is the last but one part of my little birthday strip. Let`s see what surprise I have for you for end of May 🙂


Kisses Vienna

good morning selfie close ups

good morning guys

its so nice to wake up on monday (in my bday week!!!) and have no stress 😉
enjoy your day with my selfies I did for you!
we will enjoy a delicious brunch now, lets see what the day will bring.

kiss kiss V

Foto 3

Foto 1

Make me nude part 6

Hi Guys,

And it goes on … birthday striptease part 6 (hope I could top the previous part again) … the last pieces drops. You have nearly done it, but I have some more very hot nudes of this set for you in stock 🙂

And don’t forget to visit and vote for my new contri at voyeurweb today:


Hot Kisses Vienna

Love to play with you

Hi Guys,

Thaaanks so much for all your kind letters. Some of you wrote already the second time this month, I am so overwhelmed. And no worry guys, you are great and you are on the best way to make me nude until my birthday. Don’t be so impatiently, it’s like with sex, a good foreplay is the icing on the cake 🙂


Enjoy the 5th part of my little birthday striptease and yes, the 6th is already in the making.

Kisses Vienna

New Contri at Voyeurweb – coming soon

Jep! There will be a new Nude in Public contri at voyeurweb soon. Today I uploaded the pics to voyeurweb server. I am happy to publish some of my favourite pics from a short trip to Wörthersee, one of Austrias most beautiful lakes!

Here a first foretaste of what you can expect 🙂


As soon as the contri is on, I will publish the link on my blog. I hope that you will like it and I can count on your support!

Many kisses your (happy) Vienna <3

Make me Nude Part 4

Hi Guys,

And here we are, part 4 with some more explicit views for you and BTW guys, you have the chance to win the original string:

Day by day by day new letters, it’s obviously, YOU WANT TO MAKE ME NUDE FAST 🙂

And girls, I know you are also out there, so I would be really happy to get a letter from a woman, what an exciting imagination!


Kisses Vienna

Birthday awards

Hi guys,

the day of my birthday is coming closer. Just 11 days left. Time to let you know what my birthday gifts to you are. I am so happy and proud about all my fans and regular visitors on my site. To know you like my way is the best motivator and push me day by day 🙂

Without financial support and technical support (thx soooo much Bill!) all that wouldn’t be possible. Therefore the donators are the fuel to keep the site and my adventures alive! For this reason my 3 birthday prizes will be drawn by all who supported this month and additionally one special gift will allocate to the highest donation of the month.

Special Prize for highest donation:

Be my instructor for one day. The whole day you can decide (together with me :)) where and how you want to see me (e.g. have a nude breakfast on your terrace, go for a coffee in see-through and w/o panties, …). I will send you pics from all activities in life time (selfies or made by Matt).

Prize 1 – personal meeting or cam chat

Prize 2 – original g-string from the photoshoot for birthday special – the one in the pic 😉

Prize 3 – personal video message


Hope you like my gifts!

Kisses Vienna

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