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Hi Guys,

Thaaanks so much for all your kind letters. Some of you wrote already the second time this month, I am so overwhelmed. And no worry guys, you are great and you are on the best way to make me nude until my birthday. Don’t be so impatiently, it’s like with sex, a good foreplay is the icing on the cake 🙂


Enjoy the 5th part of my little birthday striptease and yes, the 6th is already in the making.

Kisses Vienna


  1. Stunning. 🙂 lg

  2. Diese Bilder sind schon SOOOOOOOOO HEISS!!!!!!
    Es wird schwer, das im 6.Teil noch zu toppen!
    Aber ich bin sicher DU wirst es schaffen Vienna!!!!!!

  3. hey it…pm me and let me know where you got those nipple clamps,,.thanks..and yes I will tell you later…hugs…

  4. Let me know if you receive one from Canada! 😉

  5. I love the third photo wit the smile and nipple clamps and red storm…
    Stay nude and happy.

  6. Hello, where have you buy this fantastic string ?
    Thank you

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