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Birthday Special – Pussy Close Ups

Hi Guys,

one of your most requested wishes is to see some pussy close ups. So here we are 🙂 As thank you gift for all who send me a letter or support me by donation in May I have put together some hot pussy close ups from my last shooting! I hope you enjoy the view 😉


To all who already made a donation, the password should already have been sent out or will be sent out to you shortly. If something with the pw went wrong, please do not hesitate to contact me! (

Wet Kisses Vienna

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Make me Nude Part 3

Hi Guys,

Again a letter in my postbox – today from Belgium (and yes Alexis you are right, the first pictures were taken not far away from Giesshübl). I get regular fanmail … wooohooo that’s amazing. Letters from Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and England now, can’t wait for the promised ones from oversea 🙂

You make me happy and also a little horny 😉

Part 3 of my little birthday striptease. And for who asks about the date – it’s the 28th of May.


This skirt is so light, even a minimal breeze brings it to flap … a really hot feeling 🙂


KEEP ON MAKING ME NUDE … (tanith – no worries no nipple piercing, just a nipple-chain :*)

Kisses Vienna

Make me Nude Part 2

Hi Guys,

today I found the first letters in my postbox. Thaaaaaanks so much, I read them again and again, can’t stop smiling. You are so nice guys!

You know, I looooooooove it to read your personal messages … and all handwritten, it’s so nice!

So here is part 2 of my little birthday striptease.


BTW I had so much fun during we made the pictures. It was on a famous and public place in Eisenstadt which is the lovely capital of Austrian district Burgenland. It took more than one hour and I was nude or semi-nude the whole time. Of course it have not gone unnoticed. We had some curious onlookers the whole time.



Kisses Vienna


Hi Guys,


You asking yourself why Vienna is sooo… covered today? Ok, let’s play a little this month! With every donation and every letter I’ll get in May I will become more and more nude, piece by piece.

I promise you there will appear some hot pieces beneath! So c’mon make me nude 😉


Hot Kisses Vienna!

Vienna – Birthdayspecial in May

Hi guys,

it’s May and that means it’s my birthday month 🙂

For those who like to make me happy on my birthday – but don’t know how – this is my suggestion! Since last month you have the opportunity to send me a personal letter to my post address ( and when I got the first letters it was such an amazing feeling to open and read.

So my wish for May is to get as much as possible letters from you and most happy I would be if you send me your hand written letter.

But not only me will be gifted – no my birthday means also sexy surprises for you! All who give a donation in May (independent if via donation button or with your letter) I will provide with the password to my “May-Birthday special posts”. There you will find weekly new hot bonus pics and vids and you can participate at my birthday special contest where you can win a private meet or chat if it’s not possible to meet in person.

Hot kisses Vienna


Thanks for supporting Vienna & Gattina special

Thanks for all who supported our Vienna & Gattina special in the last 4 weeks. You make it possible, that’s the truth and therefore I am sooooo… happy to have fans like you! I hope that all who gave a donation enjoyed the special blog posts 🙂

Keep your eyes open … there might be some more hot stuff of us together later this Year 🙂

Next week the may-birthday special will start … stay tuned!

Wet kisses Vienna & Gattina

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