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vw vid: behind the scenes

ok guys, lets start with some “behind the scenes” 😉
… we booked a Vespa in BCN and its usual that you have to bring it back filled up.
its looong time ago I ride a Vespa so  watch what happened and you will know why I had a laugh flash ;)))




  1. wohoo, that looks dangerous.

  2. Da hat doch die Vespa glatt abgespritzt bei deinem Anblick 🙂

  3. Das da nichts explodiert, so HEISS wie du bist Vienna!!!!!

  4. Waa..! I can’t view the “behind the scenes” video… What do I need?

  5. That was the same reaction that I had when I viewed your video on VW…A mighty surge…then ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Felt so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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