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A bewitched start

It’s a little bit frustrating … after a long preparation phase all these problems pops up exactly in the wrong moment. At first my twitter account was suspended exactly on that day that my book crowdfunding campaign started, never happened it before in 5 Years. And then this morning after claiming it several times at twitter support, big surprise – my account is working again, twitter released it. No everything can start as I was hoping … but wait … what’s up with pubslush page? A security warning instead of my project … oh the security certificate of the site is expired exactly on 30th of July 2015, wow it’s the day of my campaign starts. Now everybody get a scary warning to leave the site instead of the book information … waaaaaaahhhh… not the best way to convey reliability.
THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BEWITCHED START … is it because of my red hairs?!
I can only hope that it will work properly again soon.
Kisses Vienna


Pubslush Crowdfunding Campaign – Official Launch Today

My great fans … you are always my engine to go on with my way. Your great feedback encouraged me time and time again to go further.

Today is the official start of the pubslush crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming book project “I am (n)u(e)rban”. 70 pages full of happiness, freedom and 100% peaceful nudity! Have a look at the project and become a fan and supporter now, and hey you can also save really great rewards for your support J

Kisses Vienna


Vienna @ night

Summer in the City … hot nights in Vienna. I had a lot of fun strolling around in the City with my short dress – needless to say without panty 🙂

Don’t forget to support my book project and become a fan now here:

Unfortunately my Twitter account was suspended today, the more I need your help to share this great nude project with the world 😉

Kisses your Vienna


Side story about first book chapter – VIENNA the beautiful

Dear Guys,

as promised I will go along with my book crowd funding campaign with some background stories about the Cities of the book chapters. Today we start with Vienna – the beautiful fairy tale city

Become now a fan of the project:


Of course Vienna is my favorite playground. It’s the City where everything started. Nowhere else I feel free in the same way like in Vienna. I love to stroll the city in the nude or as I call it in my “nude-couture”. Vienna is always full of tourists and I love it to give them a very special view of “Vienna” back on their way home 😉

The pics which I have chosen for the book were taken on completely different conditions. While I nearly couldn’t resist to get nude when I did the water refreshment pics in front of Vienna Hofburg and I really enjoyed to splash my body with the cold water it was much harder to get nude for the other series of pics which are part of the book. No wonder, at least it was in January and even on a warm January day it’s not the same as on a hot August day, when I like to be nude the whole day 😉 But nevertheless, also on cold days only the first overcoming is hard, if this is done I am warm from inside and just enjoy to be nude through all the “others” 🙂

Next part: Berlin – hip and pulsating

Kisses Vienna




Pictures & Vids:

1. Sitting on bench in the nude – February 2014 (part of photobook “I am (n)u(e)bran”)

2. Video sequence of water refreshment at Hofburg – August 2011 (related pictures will be part of photobook “I am (n)u(e)rban”)

Dinner Time

Time for having a delicious dinner on a nice and relaxing evening in Vienna … or with Vienna?! Maybe both, hehe

Kisses Vienna


Evening Close Up

Just for you my great fans a little evening close up 🙂

Ready for dinner with Matt now, looking forward to some delicious Asian food in Vienna!

Kisses Vienna


Holiday Outfits

Just two weeks till holidays in Cap. Relaxing days and hot evenings with long dance nights in Melrose. Time to choose the outfits and try different hairstyles… what do you think about this one (yes this is all, hehe), I love it.

Kisses Vienna



Some may have wondered that it was relatively calm here and on my social network accounts during the last weeks. It could create the impression that I would cut down a bit. But no, the reason is so much better! Matt and I were working hard on our photobook project … AND …tadaaaaa … YESSS WE ARE! … in the final publishing phase now. I am soooooooooo… excited, you can’t believe it.

Next week we will start a pre-publishing crowd founding campaign at The direct link will be:

Pubslush is a community to „connecting the writing world to readers” and “as step before a book is published, authors and publishers can host crowdfunding or pre-order campaigns for upcoming titles” (source: We are very happy and proud that we get involved them.

You are my best and biggest fans and I need your support. Especially the first days will be very important because after 14 days pubslush have to decide if the campaign is it worth to go on or if they will stop the campaign because nobody is interested. So this is your chance to get part of a really great peaceful project and to save you one of the very special rewards for your support! The overall time of the crowd funding campaign will be 30 days.  And furthermore, if you have the possibility please share my Facebook and Twitter post about the project with your social network friends. 

At the same time a new website with main information about my book project “I am nuerban” will go online. Under you will find some first insights and information about me and the nude urban project. 

During the next couple of weeks I will update you as my faithful fans with the current status of the campaign and tell you some nice background stories behind the crazy nude adventures inside the book! And how could it be otherwise, the story will start with the City of Vienna. AND of course for my best fans I will show some additional pictures here at my blog 😉

Kisses your Vienna


Special just4you Thomas

Hi Guys,
I know, my birthday special action is already sometimes ago but now finally it’s time to make the winners happy 🙂
Let’s start with Thomas from Germany, who sent his donation with a very lovely birthday letter! The flattering words and our really nice email conversation afterwards I really enjoyed 🙂
Sorry for keep you waiting so long to get your special. Look at my little video, I have wear it just for you 😉
Kisses Vienna


Little teaser for my new voyeurweb contri

I looooove dancing so much – but this was really the first time, that I did it completely nude in the City 🙂

What a great fun!

Enjoy the whole video today at voyeurweb!

Kisses Vienna


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