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Special just4you Thomas

Hi Guys,
I know, my birthday special action is already sometimes ago but now finally it’s time to make the winners happy 🙂
Let’s start with Thomas from Germany, who sent his donation with a very lovely birthday letter! The flattering words and our really nice email conversation afterwards I really enjoyed 🙂
Sorry for keep you waiting so long to get your special. Look at my little video, I have wear it just for you 😉
Kisses Vienna



  1. You are special, Vie….especially in the way that you treat your fans. I really enjoyed your video. You made me laugh….and horny. You are a special lady. May only good things meet you each day. Peace.

  2. You are the best!
    Have a great weekend, beautiful redhead 🙂

    • YOUUU are :-* got your letter and your “present” haha such a great idea – will reply you in a pm … hot kissssssssss

  3. Best film star ever!!!

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