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Video: You are the best Fans !


Today the project reached nearly 60%. I am overwhelmed … JORIS … woohoooo you are crazy 😉 looking forward to our dinner!



Paris – European Capital of Prudery?!

The pre-publishing campaign of my book “I am (n)u(e)rban” is going on. We are going on and on and on … I am happy to see that already 59 of you are of the opinion that the project deserves to be supported. GREAT … keep on your support! All who are not sure so far … I would be really happy to welcome you on board!

Now to the second part of my Paris story:

As promised in my first Paris post I tell you today the story today about my most obscure contact with the security I ever had.

Well, it happens last year in August when Matt and me were in Paris to get some nice pics for my nude urban project, that we made unwelcome acquaintance with the French security authorities.

Unlike the most shootings I wasn’t nude. I was wearing a transparent black dress.

IMG_1341One hour after we finalized the first pics – near to Eiffel Tower – suddenly 2 officers from the police asked us to come with them to their station (it was a small station in the ground of an edge of Eiffel Tower). It turned out, that they heard from a military patrol that they have seen a woman wearing a transparent dress with nothing underneath. – so what?

IMG_1351This was the scene that the military patrol reported to the police …

No problem we thought, because it’s easy to explain what we are doing here and so I told the police that I was wearing the transparent dress for a photo shooting. And to wear such a dress was certainly nothing for what it’s justified to enforce a fine or even more badly a punishment. Normally one or maximum two policeman should be enough to make this clarifications with us – there was absolute no danger for anybody. I mean, I was wearing a transparent dress, where should I hide something dangerous?!

IMG_1059But what’s going on in this small police station during the next 30 minutes was absolutely crazy, never happened before and never seen after! Gradually more and more policeman, – woman and even soldiers came into the police station. There came at least 5 or 6 policemen, 1 policewoman and 4 soldiers with terrifying weapons in their hands. I think there were no more police or military patrol on the place direct under the Eiffel Tower anymore. At the end even 2 Romanian foreign police officers were joining (guess they were on an exchange program). This was by far the most obscure scene I ever had during a shooting, no … moreover I would say ever! If somebody wants to fire a bomb on one of the most visited places on Earth, this was the right moment. It seems that a small redhead, clearly shown unarmed under her sheer dress was so dangerous that it needs about 13 security persons to secure. And they start to absolutely talk at us that we have to admit otherwise they will bring me to jail for 24 hours. We really didn’t know what to admit! The police woman than starts to speak loud in French to me and although I speak a little bit French I couldn’t understand her, too fast and too loud she spoke to me and I am sure it was “very nice” what she said. In parallel one police officer did some phone calls – guess he was calling his chief or someone from the prosecution.

About 30 minutes later, as suddenly as we came in this scary situation as suddenly they told us we can go. Nothing more about a fine or that I should admit … just “ok, you can go”. I am sure the one at the other end of the phone-line explained them, that there is nothing for what they could prosecute me.

My friends , you can imagine how scared I was about what happens when we leave the police station. It was nearly impossible to continue the photo shooting on this day and I am sure we would have now much more especially nude pics from Paris if this wouldn’t happened to us. They never apologize, not when they told us that we can go nor after I complaint about what happened later in an email to Paris Police. But however also this couldn’t stopp my peaceful nude urban project!

Until today or even more today it’s absolutely absurd and unclear for me, what all these police and military wants to secure. Isn’t it the wrong approach to protect the mainstream against one of the most peaceful things on earth but give in the same moment all the thieves and thimblerigger around (and there are a really big amount of them on this place) the chance to do their business undisturbed?!

IMG_1420You are invited to give me your opinion about this. What do you think? Do our police always set the right priorities? Discuss with me about!

Kisses Vienna


Chapter 6: Paris the Capital of LOVE?!

Here we go with background stories about the single book chapters of my photo book “I am (n)u(e)rban“. The campaign is still alive but it’s not easy to find new sources for funders without the support of public medias. Till now no of them get back to my request to report about my nude urban project. If you want to know about the current status of the crowd funding visit our pre publishing campaign here: … and remember every little step counts! The mass is what making things strong!

“Paris is always a good idea” (Audrey Hepburn) meets it quite to the point. We visited Paris 3 times during the last 3 Years and I felt in love with this beautiful City again and again. Of all architectural treasures the Eiffel Tower is my personal favorite, mmmhhh… what could this mean to me 😉


The City is a dream to visit but for flashing or even to be nude in public the City is horrible. Paris was together with Rome the City with the most security I ever saw. There are not even 3 minutes without facing a police or military patrol. So it was not easy to take pictures in Paris and all who knowing me knows that I don’t want to do some hidden flashing pics, I want to be the nude one among the clothed mass. One thing I love to use are sheer clothes. It’s a legal limbo because who decide how transparent a cloth can be (maybe facebook ;)). I never come in troubles by wearing transparent clothes until I visited “the capital of love”. About how I caused a police and military operation of 13 heavily armed action forces I tell you tomorrow in my second part of Paris story.

Nevertheless I love to be in the City, because the people are so much more relaxed and friendly than their police 🙂

I love to get the flattering words from the waiters when I am sitting on the Champs Elysee in a transparent top. I love to stroll along the Seine with a light mini skirt fluttered by the wind. I love to meet interesting people from all over the world in the bars at night … I just love Paris!


Another great experience was when I visited a typical parisienne Café completely nude. The guys inside were sooo… kind to me, happy but not overbearing! I just enjoyed to be nude in the Café together with all the regular visitors J


IMG_7542 (2)

Part II of Paris with my crazy story about my experience with the French Police tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

Kisses Vienna

IMG_9456 (2)

Cap Inside III

I hope I could make my holidays in Cap d’Agde also for you to a special delight 😉

Today I show you some more pictures from Cap and beach by day and a video from the very nice pool at my favorite bar the “Waiki” in the special blog post.

Some more hoooooooot and sexy pictures and a very hot beach video today in my special blog post which is available for all supporters of my book project campaign at pubslush. All who didn’t support so far, this is your chance to support the most sexy and peaceful project AND to get some hot Vienna Exhib summer specials. (






A great place to relax – Waiki bar with pool – special greetings to the best waiter I ever met 😉


For the Beach video visit my special blog post Cap Inside Special III : < KLICK HERE TO SEE MY HOT BEACH VIDEO >



Just strolling around and shopping after Beach – Holidays could take ages 🙂



But also the good things comes to an end! Good bye from Anni 🙁 and Cap!!!

Kisses Vienna


Vienna @ Waiki Pool

My favorite place at Cap, the great Waiki bar with pool!

VIDEO: 20150817_pool_cap_02

Protected: Cap Inside Special III

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Protected: Vienna on the beach – VIDEO

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Chapter 5: The Awesome Sydney

It’s already some days ago, but no reason not to mention it again, YES we skip the minimum obstacle with our crowdfunding campaign! AND IT IS THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED AND BELIEVE IN OUR WONDERFUL AND PEACEFUL PROJECT!

Now we are able to go on in the second round. 19 days left from today to come as close as possible to the campaign target!

As promised we go on today with the background story for Sydney, which will be the 5th chapter in the book.

Thinking back to the wonderful days in down under making me longingly. Without exaggerating I can say, that I and Matt had something like the time of our life there. It was the start of our honeymoon trip.

The City totally flashed me from the first moment and it was immediately clear that I cannot leave without flashing this amazing city to 😉

We were in Sydney only for three days before we left to New Zeeland and therefore there wasn’t time to relax even on the New Year’s day in 2013 when we started directly after a delicious breakfast at Sydney harbor to make a “special sightseeing” tour through the City. That I was wearing only a mini skirt and a completely transparent top ensured me a lot of happy and sometimes unbelievingly views and I earned a lot of lovely comments!

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are really magical eye catchers and somehow at least one of these symbols were nearly always in the background J on our pics, but I hope you realize this not first of all J

Some impressions of our sightseeing trip through the amazing Sydney:

IMG_8231Flashing in front of Sydney Opera House one of the most visited hotspots worldwide

IMG_7970My outfit catched a lot of views 🙂

IMG_7981Panties are completely overestimated 😉


IMG_8171_2_mod2_Test Kopie

If you like my nude way of life come on board and support our cause! We are already on top position without support of magazines or newspapers.

Next chapter: Paris the Capital of Love


Kisses Vienna

Cap inside II

Here we go with the next part of the Cap d’Agde insights. Today a mixture of beachfun, relaxing in the coffees and some nightlife pics.

First time there are also 2 pics of the famous Melrose Café during opening hours within the special blog post for the book supporters (, which is absolutely rare to find anywhere else in internet! Luckily there were a photographer from a french adult magazine to take pictures and he was so kind to send me the pictures 🙂 

Link to special for supporter:

IMG_1728IMG_1726Joking and gaving a lot of girlsfun!

IMG_841420150817_beach_pussyAlso the days on the beach are hot 😉 – a beach vid will come soon!

IMG_8467Relaxing in a café

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