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Thanks for your feedback

awww thx guys for your really detailled answers. I am honestly thankful for every single word. No one is a bad guy because of an honest feedback. I asked for! It is really important for me and now I see a little bit more clear. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything but I accept and I take it as a lesson learned and think about. Maybe I was a little bit unpatient too … but I was so afraid that the project could fail …
Thanks to all who support me and my project at till now! I will send you a little extra :-*

We had a chilled evening today and while sitting at the terrace with a good glas of Austrian white wine I am in mood to post you the hotter version of the yesterday taken pics. In the next days I will answer to every single comment.

Now enjoy, I send you million hot kisses, your Vienna






  1. Wow V. These poses and revealing shots…..mmmmmm. You know how much I love using my tongue. The last pic is making me drool wishing I could taste you in both holes!!! ?❤️?❤️????

  2. je suis un grand fan et vais participer a votre livre (n)u(e)rban
    bonne soiree

  3. My personal taste has me looking at you and seeing the most beautiful women i have ever seen…..your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend is so lucky to be able to look at hang out with and make love with you …..sadly i envy them …

  4. Sexy, full of eroticism and beautiful!
    I adore the third photograph. It shows how fit woman You are. 🙂
    …This ass…

  5. Can I say something without offending you? I think you are sexier without the makeup. I love photos of you when you are aroused! Very HOT! ThX

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