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Cap inside II

Here we go with the next part of the Cap d’Agde insights. Today a mixture of beachfun, relaxing in the coffees and some nightlife pics.

First time there are also 2 pics of the famous Melrose Café during opening hours within the special blog post for the book supporters (, which is absolutely rare to find anywhere else in internet! Luckily there were a photographer from a french adult magazine to take pictures and he was so kind to send me the pictures 🙂 

Link to special for supporter:

IMG_1728IMG_1726Joking and gaving a lot of girlsfun!

IMG_841420150817_beach_pussyAlso the days on the beach are hot 😉 – a beach vid will come soon!

IMG_8467Relaxing in a café


  1. Love all these pics and goodies V!! So yummy, sexy, provocative and real!

  2. That is HOT ! Sizzling almost!

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