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Chapter 5: The Awesome Sydney

It’s already some days ago, but no reason not to mention it again, YES we skip the minimum obstacle with our crowdfunding campaign! AND IT IS THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED AND BELIEVE IN OUR WONDERFUL AND PEACEFUL PROJECT!

Now we are able to go on in the second round. 19 days left from today to come as close as possible to the campaign target!

As promised we go on today with the background story for Sydney, which will be the 5th chapter in the book.

Thinking back to the wonderful days in down under making me longingly. Without exaggerating I can say, that I and Matt had something like the time of our life there. It was the start of our honeymoon trip.

The City totally flashed me from the first moment and it was immediately clear that I cannot leave without flashing this amazing city to 😉

We were in Sydney only for three days before we left to New Zeeland and therefore there wasn’t time to relax even on the New Year’s day in 2013 when we started directly after a delicious breakfast at Sydney harbor to make a “special sightseeing” tour through the City. That I was wearing only a mini skirt and a completely transparent top ensured me a lot of happy and sometimes unbelievingly views and I earned a lot of lovely comments!

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are really magical eye catchers and somehow at least one of these symbols were nearly always in the background J on our pics, but I hope you realize this not first of all J

Some impressions of our sightseeing trip through the amazing Sydney:

IMG_8231Flashing in front of Sydney Opera House one of the most visited hotspots worldwide

IMG_7970My outfit catched a lot of views 🙂

IMG_7981Panties are completely overestimated 😉


IMG_8171_2_mod2_Test Kopie

If you like my nude way of life come on board and support our cause! We are already on top position without support of magazines or newspapers.

Next chapter: Paris the Capital of Love


Kisses Vienna


  1. Santiago Lozano

    August 25, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Hi Vienna
    Yes, panties and underwear are overestimated. You do very well no using.
    I am sure all men and some women were very excited watching you so sexy and elegant. I like a lot your style.
    You must be nude or showing tits and pussy always, please.
    Kisses by Santi

  2. Wow!!

    I like this style of pics
    You are so hot!!
    Please go on with it

  3. What Opera House?

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