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Vienna @ Waiki Pool

My favorite place at Cap, the great Waiki bar with pool!

VIDEO: 20150817_pool_cap_02


  1. Love seeing you getting into the moment (as us Americans say). Love the looks of the couple that are behind and to the right near the end of the video. They made you look really NAKED in public. I think you should have walked around the pool with Matt following you with the camera. Thanks for the view…Vie & Matt!

    • I love your comments my charming perv 😉
      Normally it is not allowed to take pics or vids. But for our luck the guy recognized me, so he invited us to join waiki pool and allowed to take a vid but with respecting the private of the others 😉 in one version you can hear him. He speaks german nearly perfect but with his really lovely accent … I like him a lot ;))))

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