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It’s done :)

woooooooohhhhhoooooooo… it’s done! I can’t believe that the campaign is already over. I feel like it was yesterday when we started with all the problems. First my twitter account was suspended for 3 days, than pubslush doesn’t work for a weekend and than we reached the minimum nearly in the last moment and this was like the start shot to a real explosion which make it possible to succeed in the end!

I am so excited for the 3 dinners and looking forward to meet  Joris, Stuart and Rainer! But not only the big amounts are important … all together make it successful!

No hollywood screenwriter could have written a better thriller. We reached the goal less then 24 hours before the end of the campaign. You are soooo… great! In  6 hours it will be over and there will be the stamp “successful” … I am simply speachless

In the next weeks I will work on the last details of the book design and on a sales and marketing campaign so that we hopefully will be on market till the end of the year. Isn’t it a great christmas present 😉 (maybe also for oneself, hehe)

Sure is already there will be also a ebook version available,

9 Cities, 1 book, 100% peaceful, 100% nude, 100% sexiness

Kisses your thankful Vienna

Just to let you know: every donator in Septmeber (also ccbill) will still get the pw for all the specials I did during the book campaign in the last 6 weeks

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  1. The news is fantastic! I am proud to be a contributor toward you reaching the goal. We look forward to seeing the book. We ALWAYS look forward to hearing from, and SEEING, you. Keep it up! I know I will (hehehe).

  2. Congratulations! your hard work has paid off. We all win…

  3. Hello Vienna,

    Congrats on your book!
    I encountered this blog a little late, so I made a ccbill donation to support you 🙂
    I’m eagerly waiting for the pw to discover more of you!

    kisses from Barcelona

    • dear Sergio
      awww thx for your lovely flattering words :-*
      in the e-mail from ccbill you should find it. if not please let me know and I write it to you.
      thxxxxx so much for your support and enjoy all my sexy stuff here. Kisses V

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