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NUDE Outfits – choose your FAV :)

Hello my lovely friends – today its your turn 😉 !!!

Also for me its not possible to be nude  the whole time and so over the years a nice collection of hot and transparent, very short and sexy collection grow in my wardrobe, not to forget – I lOOOVE High Heels. And I can tell you – often its much more provocative and interesting to wear my nude couture ;))) I love the unbelieveable glances, how the people turn around and their talking 😉

Today I selected three outfits for you. Please let me know what’s your fav and how you prefer to see me (next to nude lol :-*)
_28A3666sporty – transparent white top with lowcut hotpant

_28A3536romantic – transparent white flower shirt and transparent light trouser

_28A3643sexy elegant – transparent black top with leather skirt

Thx to Joe for the wonderful pics
Kisses with Love, your Vienna


  1. I’d have to go for the leather skirt angel. seeing it against your ivory skin gets me throbbing. enjoy your week sexy. Lust and Friendship

  2. You can’t go wrong with any of them. You are delightfully exotic and erotic in each. … sigh …. But if I must pick I would go with the lace top and the colorful see thru pants for the nite on the town and some fancy eats.

  3. If the leather skirt were just a little shorter, “sexy elegant” would get my vote. Your legs are too nice to cover up so much.

    But then the transparent trousers in “romantic” are super sexy, especially in the sunlight.

    How about this: wear the top from “sporty” with the trousers from “romantic”. I KNOW that you have some high heels that would make it perfect.

  4. I love all three tops!! I think outfit wise I’d prefer you in the third still. ?

  5. Hi Vienna!
    I think Troy is right. You look best in leather skirt! But it is a little too long for my taste, I’m sure for Yours too. I like to see You elegant and sexy. 🙂
    You should show us how You bending over in this shirt, showing Your magnificent pussy! Those black shoes are also fantastic!
    One more thing: where this third photo was taken? Where is this castle situated?
    Stay nude and happy, my Vouge model!

  6. 1st choice for me. But would like to see more of you wearing stockings 😀

  7. I love all!! But romantic is the best!

  8. Romantic, would be the first choice but then I would not complain about any of them because I would know that is all you had on.

  9. Natürlich sehen alle drei spitze aus, aber ich bin der Meinung, dass das zweite Outfit am besten zur Jahreszeit passt und ich denke mal dass bei der transparenten Hose so mancher Blick nicht auf dein Toip geht 😉 Lg

  10. “Door Number Two” – Romantic gets my vote… but I like the pose in “sporty” best!

  11. gustave husenitza

    September 16, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    Sporty at amusement park

  12. I guess I’m just the romantic. I love the look!

  13. As I said before when you first posted pictures wearing “romantic,” it is a spectacular look for “clothed Vienna.”
    And I still think so.

  14. Definitely romantic style is the best…

  15. Second one for me. Braless and transparent is always a turn on.

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