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Choose your favorite Cap outfit 2015

All who visited the famous nude City Cap d’Agde know that to be nude in Cap is nothing special, especially during the day.

In the evening it’s a place of to see and to be seen. So creativity is asked to show yourself sexy packaged or unpackaged 😉

I loooove it to cloth myself in that way. High heels, sometimes stockings, belts, bracelets, necklace and often self designed accessories (Vienna nude couture) … BUT never with pantie and bra.

Here is a selection of some hot evening outfits I have worn at this year holidays … tell me your favorite!



For all new fans, in the links below you can find some more of my holiday adventures in Cap d’Agde:

<Cap 1>

<Cap 2>

<Cap 3>

<Cap 4>

<Cap 5>

<Cap 6>

<Cap 7>

<Cap 8>

<Cap 9>

Kisses Vienna


  1. Dear Vienna, I think the 5th outfit is the best – most stylish. It looks like lingerie made in 20 or 30 last century. Fits You perfectly!
    Also 6th – only high heels – are great.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Hi Vienna,

    All your outfits for your evenings out in Cap are alluring! The one that with you wearing the stocking and garter belt, combined with the clit emphasizing pussy thong (middle pic – top row) was my fav! You are – perhaps unlike a cup viewed as half filled or half empty – simply beautiful packaged and unpackaged !!!

    I guess it wasn’t in vogue this year, but I thought the nipple clamp jewelry from ’14 was very effective at attracting my attention and would have gone well with any outfit this year.

    From your day wear I liked the long white high slit see thru pants combined with the see thru lime green top. Modest (in its Vienna way) and yet damn stimulating for male viewers like myself.

    Yes, i am hard and must wait too many hours yet for my wife to arrive and enjoy what you have created with your nude couture 🙂

    a fan forever

  3. Hi. I like both, but the second set is a bit better 😉 LG

  4. For a nice formal night out, I think the garter and stockings with the pussy thong, the bracelets and necklaces are perfect!
    For a lighter night out I like the “Vienna” belt with the thong and chain around your waist. In my opinion, the thong looks better when it is wrapped AROUND your pussy lips rather than between them. Although the friction from it between your lips might be rather stimulating for you – in that case wear it between your lips.
    For a night of fun dancing, etc, the Vienna belt with the chain and the beautiful dark blue “fuck me pumps” are all you need.

    My favorite? Of course it’s anything with YOU in it.

  5. Love outfit 2 and 5. like a girl in stockings, and not much more. Out of interest where did you get outfit 2?

    Love your work


  6. LA DEUX 😉

  7. Thank you for the joy, and fun, you bring to something so natural – yet so wonderful.

    I applaud your attitude and spirit. Keep changing the world, for the better.

    May 2016 see more accept, more peace, more joy in the world.

    Again, thank you.


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