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Bath- and Selfietime

It was a long day with much work and a 10 km run. After I relaxed and enjoyed a hot bath 😉 And yes I would take a good massage hehe

Just one idea – would you like a week with daily selfies of me in different situations? Let me know. Big kisses, with love your Vienna



  1. Niiiiice kisssssss my darling. .luv..wbw

  2. Who am I to refuse such a wonderful proposition!

  3. A week of selfies of you in situations would be marvelous! Your beauty is so easy to take in that I look forward to seeing you.

  4. Großartige Idee. Bin gespannt was dir alles so einfällt. LG

  5. I would be thrilled every day. I look forward to see your ingenuity

  6. Only a week ! How about a month?

  7. This is fantastic idea! Go Vienna!!!

  8. Never against giving you a massage…or daily selfies! ???

  9. What a fantastic idea!

    Not only selfies for a week, but no clothes at all for that week.

    So if you have delivery people come to the door, or service workers (plumber, electrician, whatever) come in, or you have guests over, you greet them completely naked (and take photos for us).

    Please do this!

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