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Chapter 9 – Amsterdam

Last but not least the crazy Amsterdam!

IMG_7591 (2)My first reaction after 1 hour in Amsterdam was, WTF??? Densely packed streets. Everywhere groups of more or less drunken Bachlor/ette parties marching across the city. The fancy ladies behind the famous windows in redlight district and everywhere coffee shops with happy people inside, I think there is no other place in the world like this … it’s what the mass would call crazy 😉 and to say it honestly in nearly every other country in this world the things going on in Amsterdam would be classified as “not normal”.

IMG_7282_2_mod_01Even for me it costs an amount of effort to  strip off my clothes, because therer is always a BIG crowd around. Ok, take a deep breath and out of the coat … woohhooo … I am standing here completely nude in the middle of this mass and of course immediately dozens of people realize what’s going on there, what a rush. After short time I get so compfortable with the situation that I decide to take an ice cream completely nude. I line up in the nude and get lot of attention. Matt is filming the whole scene. Again and again people come to me and ask me for a common picture which I happily comply. The seller ask me why I am nude, which I answer short “because I like it”, he is laughing. Of course with all the audience it took not long time that the police got notice of me, 10 minutes later we are laying in the park and looking at the pictures we shoot so far. Suddenly 2 policeman standing next to us. They confront us with the complaint that we did something “NOT NORMAL”. We asked what does it mean and got the explanation that it’s not normal to be nude in a public place. They told us that some people could feel disturbed by seeing a nude woman and that there are children around. All these is happened while direct next to us the people are laying in the park and smoking joints. It’s so bizarre that we start to discuss with the policemen about the question “what is normal?” We tell them that this what’s going on direct next to us would everywhere else “not normal” but in Amsterdam it’s “normal” this shows how complicated it is to define “normal”. We also discuss about the question if it’s harmful to children to see a nude woman but on the other hand it seems to be ok to see drunken adults in the streets. It was a long discussion but in the end they told us it’s ok for the first time but that they will not accept it a second time. … 3 hours later we are in the same situation again. This time we have an very unpleasant contemporary from the local government against us and he isn’t willing to discuss with me, so he gives us the funniest fine I ever got and I was really about to thank him for this very creative fine. On the fine is standing: “nakkt op straat in alleen a slipje” in English “naked on street with only a thong”. I don’t know why he thought that I was wearing a pantie 😉 I am really proud about this present from one of the most crazy cities in the world, hehehe …

IMG_7645This was my last side story about my nude city adventures! I will go on with these stories when we about to publish the second book. I hope you had a lot of fun with my stories and I have to thanks all who supported my upcoming book project. I think you could see how much work it means and also how much effort it costs to keep all this alive. Therefore I am really happy about everybody who will decide to support my book project now in the finale phase of the campaign!

Kisses Vienna


Bonus pics to my new contri @voyeurweb

For you my fans some bonus pics to my current contribution at voyeurweb.



The entire contri you can find here:

kisses Vienna

Promo Video now @ youtube

My promo video for the book project is now also in the g-rated version @youtube available

>>nude urban style – by Vienna & Matt<<

… but I think you will prefer the original 😉

Second dinner with me is out

Only one left … ticktack ticktack …

I proudly present … the second supporter who saved a dinner with me and I am so happy that it’s my long year fan Stuart from Great Britain. I got many letters from him during the last months and now I am really happy and excited to meet him in person. The details are not finally clarified but I think it’s a perfect opportunity to combine the dinner with a photo shooting in London next year (which I want to do since years).

DV (16)

Now only one dinner is left and for all who thought and think about to do it “maybe”, especially those of you who already wrote me an email about, doesn’t take long, too long – it could be too late. And to avoid misunderstandings date and place of the dinner we can coordinate individually!

Visit my campaign and look how the things develops. I hope to see soon “sorry, none left!” for the dinner reward and I would be REALLY happy if YOU are the one 😉


Kisses Vienna

Chapter 8 – Budapest wonderful days with Gattina

For the current purposes I must express how much I regret and how repulsive I feel against the way of the Hungarian politicians to treat refugees, human beings! It’s not a political blog but I have to say this!

But back to the wonderful days we had 2 years ago in Budapest. I love to think back of those great days together with Gattina and Leonne.


Can you imagine, 2 naughty girls like Gattina and me, hot weather in a wonderful City …?! It’s Sex in the City pure! Already on the drive to Budapest we weren’t able to leave our fingers (and mouths) away from each other! Whilst the Boys were sitting in the front we had our fun on the backbench, hehe…

All who donated in April were lucky to see the video from our hot drive with the password.

All book supporter and those who will support till the end of the campaign will be also on the lucky side because I uploaded it a second time with the current password 😉

KLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO <Vienna & Gattina Carfun>

To become part of the supporters team visit my book campaign:

Arrived in Budapest the things didn’t change! After some fun in our Hotel room and a short rest we started to flash the City.

2012_Vie_Gat (104)_a

Of course two hotties very sexy dressed are a real City attraction and so we got a lot of attention and curious looks. It was such a fun and a real rush for both of us and for my part I can say it’s a wonderful and sensual experience to feel her skin on skin in the middle of City … unbelievable! Budapest ist most properbly the chapter with the most sex in the air 😉


Next part: The crazy Amsterdam

Kisses Vienna & Gattina

Protected: Vienna and Gattina Carfun

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Part 7: Romantic Lisbon

Only 10 days left for my book campaign, that means we are in the final phase now.

That means also, that I have to hurry to present you all the side stories to the book chapters … so here we go!

Today Lisbon!



And for all supporters today something VERY explicit. A video from some fun with myself in the window of our Hotel in Lisbon. Very explicit scenes of enjoying myself in the hotel window with my “voice” ;). 




Those days in Lisbon were some of the category sometimes the unexpected are the best ones. I have to admit, that I didn’t know much about the portugisien capital before. Only some pics of the famous tram and that there are a nice old town. So I did not have any big expectations, BUT …

Maybe it was forced because of the summer weather we had at the end of October and of course also the pictures old town and the impressive buildings have made their contribution that I really felt in love with the city. But first of all it was because of the relaxed atmosphere and the very friendly people! I got so many nice comments and lovely views during our shootings … simply great and I enjoyed it so so much to be nude during the shootings or in transparent outfit during sightseeing and in the evening.


Lisbon is one place I could always visit again!


Next part: Sexy days in Budapest with Gattina

Kisses Vienna

Protected: Video – Lisbon enjoying myself in hotel room

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Dinner with Vienna

Joris from Belgium is the first one who supported the book project with the highest amount and for this he saved a common dinner. I am sooo … excited by now!

A common dinner with Vienna, what does this mean? I already got several requests if I would be naked at such a dinner. The answer is easy … Yes I would if we find a place or restaurant where it is possible to do! I love to be nude and so it would be fine and funny for me to join our dinner in the nude.



But of course nobody has to be afraid about it … I know that others like to watch but don’t like to come in the situation to be together with “the nude one” 🙂 It’s up to your wishes. We will find the perfect way to create a pleasant atmosphere for our dinner where we can discuss about the world and his wife. But one thing cannot be changed … I am Vienna and at least I will not change my “nude couture style”, this is for sure 😉




To all who are not sure if it’s worth to invest so much money, I cannot answer this question for you and I know that it’s not possible for the most of you but it’s an very exciting adventure and an unique chance to meet me in person, so it’s up 2 you … 2 dinners are still available 😉 

And to clarify, not only the big amounts makes the project succeed – every dollar counts!

Kisses Vienna

A fantastic day at one of Viennas Hotspots to take the promovid for my bookproject

thx to all who are fans and part of


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