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Upskirt in France II

Because of so many reactions to my outfit in the yesterday post I think I should show some more today 🙂


Upskirt in France

How I miss those warm days. A micro skirt, a short top, high heels on my feeds – THAT’S IT

To bring back some summer memories I picked out some pictures from my holidays in France. I love this outfit … and I am sure some guests of the cafe too 😉




Voyeurweb Contri – Bonus Pics

Some more bonus pics of my ongoing voyeurweb contri. Thanks for all your lovely and hot comments! I love to read all of them :*

I got so many requests to upload my old contris on my blog, so I will start to upload them in November. Step by step you will see all those hot adventures again here on my blog.

AND as new special for all donators starting from November I will also upload all my NAUGHTY voyeurweb VIDEOS.  The good news for all book PRE-ORDERER – YOU WILL GET THE PASSWORD AUTOMATICALLY BY EMAIL. A donation is not necessary for you :* As I said it’s a worthwhile thing to be a fast one 😉


Many kisses your Vienna


Pre-Ordering Phase


Bit by bit the first pre-orders come in 🙂

CM (51)_modI just want to explain the sense of the pre-order phase a little bit deeper. Plan is to sell the book via a big internet trader later. Unfortunately all those big players participate with a huge percentage on the profits. Therefore we decide to give my great fans on the blog the chance to buy the book previously within a short timeframe on a smaller trader, which will most probably done by blurb.

The book will be available only for a short time frame and for a lower price there and it will be not public. I have to buy those exemplars in advance by myself. Blurb will act only as distributor.

Furthermore to the 10% early buyer discount you will get some very hot extra bonuses for pre-ordering the book. More about this within the next days.

To set the scene – there will be new hot password saved blog posts and you will be on the lucky site to get the pw automatically 😉


IMG_5695 (2)_modKisses Vienna & my special guest for Budapest Gattina


Public Flash Selfies II

2nd part of my selfie series. Today some flash selfies and a short video sequence I took some days before in Vienna after a really hot nude in public shooting. Do you like it?

Selfie Video: >>> IMG_8884


Kisses Vienna

Today @ Voyeurweb!

Today my new contri “Vienna – I am (n)u(e)rban” is on voyeurweb!

It’s my first “visit” at the private shoot section EVER. Normally it’s not really my business, you know I need the public around when making pictures, but when working on my book during the last months I was working very often nude at home and Matt find this picture, me nude in front of the desk with me nude inside so sexy, that he convinced me to make a contri with those pics. Now I am a little bit nervous because I don’t know if my NIP Fans at vw will like me this way to …

By the way, some insights to the result of my work you can see here: << >>

All who like to see more of my special nude travel adventure – use your chance to get your early booking discount and pre-order officially on my page.

Especially for you my best fans some additional hot ASS shots here on my blog!


What do you think about?

Kisses Vienna

Public Flash Selfies

From time to time I make some selfies during my nude and flashing outdoor adventures to show you these moments from a very inside position.

The people around meet me sometimes with disbelief or they find what they see very funny and of course a big amount love what they see and starts to make photos. Also Matt find these selfies always very yummy and so it’s no wonder that also he pull out his cam when he see me making selfies with boobs out in public.

I hope you like those shots which Matt took in Paris during making selfies 🙂

IMG_7942How it looks from the observer position …

selfie2… and this is what you can see on the selfie 🙂

IMG_7917Another one in front of Arc d’ triomphe :*

There are probably not so much girls out there who can say my boobs have seen the world, hahaha

If you want to see which famous places are known to my boobs … have a look into my new book “I am (n)u(e)rban” soon. The pre-order phase has already started and the first of you already signed up to with the pre-order form ( to save their personal advance sale with a 10% discount! Thanks to everyone who believe in the project! Many many kisses – YOU ARE MY DRIVE!


Kisses Vienna

I am (n)u(e)rban – PRE ORDER

Can’t believe it! The official book launch of “I am (n)u(e)rban” is coming closer and closer!

That’s the moment to start with book pre-ordering for my great fans. All who register by now to pre-order the book can save a 10% discount and will be able to buy the book two weeks before the official release!

I am soooooooooo… excited, it’s a very special moment after 2 years working on this unique project!

How it works? Just go to and register in the pre-order form. As soon as the book sales starts you will get a email with the link to the sales page which is limited for pre order clients only within first two weeks. In this time there will be a 10% lower price!!! After that the official book sales starts.

All who are waiting for a ebook version have to be a lttle bit patient, but we are working on it too!

CM (51)_mod_01IMG_2161

kisses Vienna


back from a delicious asian dinner in Vienna … ready for the dessert now 😉


Looking forward for a dinner with Matt :)

going out this night!

Hope for a delicious dinner and a hot dessert 😉 Now I have to look into my wardrobe if I find something hot like last time in Vienna, hehe


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