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Uuuups – caught in the paper

What a surprise when a friend send me a message on Monday, just with the words “you are in the paper … nice”. Of course it doesn’t took long and my “channels” where overflown with requests if it’s me … mmhh… what do you mean, is it me ;)?





  1. Hi Beautiful Redhead!
    Congratulations on being in the press! You should meet with chef editor – I am sure he will be interested… after all he decided to print Your photos.
    You have beautiful smile, Vienna!
    Stay nude and happy and keep on smiling!

  2. Love your smile on this picture. So sweet ??

  3. Echt süß 🙂


  4. This is wonderful! It sure LOOKS like you in the paper. It’s great! Something to be really proud of, and it can be great publicity for your book.

    By the way, your laughing smile in the last picture above is perfection. It’s sweet and it makes me smile, too.

  5. This is perfect! It certainly LOOKS like you in the newspaper. I think it’s great, and it can be excellent publicity for your book!

    By the way, the laughing smile in the last picture above is enchanting and it makes me smile too!

  6. So proud of my Goddess Vienna! Can’t wait to read the article. I’m proud to be a supporter of the one and only V!!!! Stay Nude. Much Love, Hugs and Kisses! G.

  7. Some of us are wondering what it says in the newspaper article?

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