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Public Flash Selfies

From time to time I make some selfies during my nude and flashing outdoor adventures to show you these moments from a very inside position.

The people around meet me sometimes with disbelief or they find what they see very funny and of course a big amount love what they see and starts to make photos. Also Matt find these selfies always very yummy and so it’s no wonder that also he pull out his cam when he see me making selfies with boobs out in public.

I hope you like those shots which Matt took in Paris during making selfies 🙂

IMG_7942How it looks from the observer position …

selfie2… and this is what you can see on the selfie 🙂

IMG_7917Another one in front of Arc d’ triomphe :*

There are probably not so much girls out there who can say my boobs have seen the world, hahaha

If you want to see which famous places are known to my boobs … have a look into my new book “I am (n)u(e)rban” soon. The pre-order phase has already started and the first of you already signed up to with the pre-order form ( to save their personal advance sale with a 10% discount! Thanks to everyone who believe in the project! Many many kisses – YOU ARE MY DRIVE!


Kisses Vienna


  1. Niiiiiiiiice breasts baby

  2. very sexy selfie
    kiss from Italy

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