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Pre-Ordering Phase


Bit by bit the first pre-orders come in 🙂

CM (51)_modI just want to explain the sense of the pre-order phase a little bit deeper. Plan is to sell the book via a big internet trader later. Unfortunately all those big players participate with a huge percentage on the profits. Therefore we decide to give my great fans on the blog the chance to buy the book previously within a short timeframe on a smaller trader, which will most probably done by blurb.

The book will be available only for a short time frame and for a lower price there and it will be not public. I have to buy those exemplars in advance by myself. Blurb will act only as distributor.

Furthermore to the 10% early buyer discount you will get some very hot extra bonuses for pre-ordering the book. More about this within the next days.

To set the scene – there will be new hot password saved blog posts and you will be on the lucky site to get the pw automatically 😉


IMG_5695 (2)_modKisses Vienna & my special guest for Budapest Gattina


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  1. Hi,

    bekommen deine Supporter von Pubslush das Passwort auch automatisch 😉 ?


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