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Preparing for fan meeting

With his support Rainer helped a lot to make the book project come true! 

Of course I was really nervous and excited to meet him. I thought a long time about the perfect outfit for a pleasant dinner. What do you think, did I meet his expectations with my outfit?!


About the dinner I will report tomorrow 🙂

Kisses Vienna


Advent greetings

First advent greetings from Vienna! Have a happy and peaceful sunday!



Kisses Vienna


Voyeurweb – Nu(de) York Breakfast

After vimeo removed my account and therewith my hotel room video, you can now watch the long full version of my Nu(de)  York Breakfast Video today on

ENJOY a hot breakfast with me 🙂

kisses Vienna


Book in Hands

OMG … I have it in hands! The first exemplar of “I am (n)u(e)rban”. It’s … amazing! More than 5 Years compromised in one book, can you imagine the emotions this causes?! On Monday 3 hardcover exemplars will follow and after my final approval we can start with production of the first print tranche in the next days.

I hope so much that this book will provide a lot of joy also for you my great fans.

BTW … as soon as I have all proof exemplars in hands they will sent out to Greg, Rene and Trevor who were so generous to support my project with the correspondingly amount! YOU will be the first official owners! 🙂


All others can buy it very soon. In 1 or 2 weeks the book will be for sale at the official sales partner. Sexy Christmas is coming closer 😉


If you want to save your exemplar by now, register in the pre-order form and get additional the pw for all the hot christmas special videos.

Kisses your Vienna

Video – hot girl, naughty outfits

The second christmas special video is on now 🙂

Enjoy my naughty outfits and outdoor adventure :*


How to get the password? Register as book pre-orderer, save up to 20% on my upcoming book AND get your password for all christmas special videos or make a donation over the donation button.

Video Previews:


Weekend in Salzburg

Looking forward to a great weekend in Salzburg with a fan meeting dinner tomorrow 🙂

Last time it was really a hot trip 🙂



Cold day – hot thoughts

the best on shootings when it’s cold outside … no more words needed.

BTW … in the meantime I got a lot of feedback that you have received my letter and your rewards. I hope you like it and it was worth to support 😉

Kisses your Vienna





Bonus Videos

Hi Guys,

I know you guys would love to see more video stuff of all my public adventures of the last Years. Gooooood News! Today I started christmas special with uploading my very first voyeurweb video “Vienna – Car Adventures I”. I really love to look this hot moments again and again, I hope you too, hehe …


VIDEO >>Vienna – Car Adventures I

During the next weeks I will upload much more vids from voyeurweb and other hot private videos! This will be a special thanks for all supporters who make it possible! What does this mean?

All supporter who make a donation via donation button starting from today will get the password for all vids I will upload within the next 30 days. (pw will be inside the confirmation email from ccbill)!


There will be a second way to get the password! All registered book buyer, WILL ALSO GET IT AS GOODIE. The only thing you have to do is to register in the pre order form previously. When you then buy the book I will send the pw to you by email!

<< Pre Order Form >>

That means you get a discount on “I am (n)u(e)rban” and you get the pw for all the hot videos … double win 🙂

The second video is already uploaded.

<<Nude Adventures I>> The entire video you find here

Here is a little teaser: 

Vienna_nude_adventures – PREVIEW


Kisses Vienna

Book print ordered!

It’s done! The contract for printing of the first book tranche is signed! 🙂 “I am (n)u(e)rban” WILL BE FOR SALE AT FROM MID OF DECEMBER!

It’s such an exciting time … I am really happy, to tell you, that we could reach a better price than estimated. Of course the entire savings will be given to you! That means that we could reduce the price for the first exemplars again.

All who order a book of the first tranche at will get a discount price of:

49€ for softcover photo-book I am (n)u(e)rban*

59 € for hardcover photo-book I am (n)u(e)rban*

*Note: Final price may vary slightly and is depending on where you are living.

With register on the pre-order form you can ensure this special price for yourself!

AND THERE WILL BE VERY HOT SPECIALS FOR ALL PRE-ORDERER! You will get as “goodie” the pw for all christmas special posts which will follow during the next 5 weeks! What this will be? Hot video stuff from my former nude adventures!


CM (51)_mod

Kisses Vienna (and lovely Gattina)

First Fan Meeting

Rainer was one of the great guys who supported my book project with the highest amount and so he was very important for the realization of the book. In december the book will be published. Just about 3 – 4 weeks from now … time to say thank you face-to-face!

Next week we will meet us in person in Salzburg. Of course I am a little bit nervous, but most of all I am really happy to meet each other!

@ Rainer: I record a little message to you … looking forward to meet you next week!


VIDEO: <<20151121_Announcement_Rainer_01>>


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