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Hi Guys!

I have sooo… exciting hot news. I am in the city that never sleeps and I am completely flashed by this great City. NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

I have to admit that I had some doubts to visit US because of the laws against nudity. I was a little bit afraid, that the people maybe prude or feeling very disturbed by nudity. But what I experienced the last days was sooo… overwhelming. I knew that the majority of my fanbase is from the states and now I know it’s not by accident J All people around are so open and friendly and I got a lot of very positive response … thx for the warm welcome guys and hey, it seems that especially you black guys love my red hair. Thanks for all your compliments J

BTW … I was recognized at time square, although I was fully clothed that moment. This feeling is really cool, hehe … a big kiss to the one 😉 (e-mail you back soon)

For the moment some breakfast shoots from our “Vienna” fitting hotel room, with a lot of insight! I found my perfect (home)shirt, which will remember me of these great days.
More about my trip to NYC in the next days!

Kisses your Vienna



  1. What’s even better? California my dear!! No general more people are open and accepting the further west you go! You should come to the west coast, if not next year!! I’ll be in LA after the spring, you and Matt could visit and stay wth us!! ?❤️???

  2. Hi Vienna!
    I see that You already started to gather materials for Your second book! 🙂
    Time Square is waiting for You, but be careful of the NY police.
    Stay nude and happy!
    P.S. Tell us, please, about the situation when You were recognized. Kisses!

  3. Come to Key West! (You just missed our big festival Fantasy Fest. 10 days of fun!)
    BTW, the laws in the entire state of New York since 1993 are that a woman can be topless ANYWHERE A MAN can go without a shirt.
    But you have FUN no matter what!! We love y ou.

  4. I wish I knew that you were in NY. There’s a nude beach in New Jersey. At least you could have gone outdoors and revealed yourself. You just have to be discrete in your exposure. You could have been daring and exposed you tits in public. Its suppose to be legal in NYC. But you have to be aware that US men are a little more aggressive then maybe Europe. “X” marks the spot…well, at least on your bottom in the photos. Kind of where I want to put my lips!!!!! Horny again!

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