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Hi Guys,

just some more of me in the Hotel room. I looooooooove that view. The City is really awesome, I would like to be here for months but have only a very limited time 🙂

This and all your lovely comments and invitations is the best reason to come back to the states for a longer time 😉

Kisses Vienna




  1. I’m always so in lust with you.

  2. ours is great too…..

  3. Woooooooo hot ………kissssssssss

  4. You need to visit Chicago.

  5. Hi Vienna!
    I have a question about hotels. You are often flashing or being almost completely naked in elevators with other passengers. What are their reactions when they see You? Do they pretend that every thing is normal as always? Are they starring or are ashamed to watch and admire You?
    Stay nude and happy!
    P.S. It is great seeing You having fun in Big Apple. 🙂

    • its funny 🙂 some search for communication and ask why 😉 and some are very shy and try to don’t look … but fail, hehehe
      kisses to you tanith

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