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Exploring New York in the nude

Hi Guys,

New York is such an amazing place! I love to stroll through the streets of Manhattan, to walk over the Brooklyn bridge into wonderful Brooklyn, to explore the architecture AND the many stores! If I will find new nude urban outfits!?

BUT above all this the most exciting thing is to flash this City! The adrenalin kicks into me and my heart goes BumBum … BumBum … BumBum … faster and faster until the moment when I take off my clothes and being nude in NYC! I love it! Thank you New York for your overwhelming and lovely reactions! I was really positive surprised and enjoyed every moment when being nude and showing off my boobs and pussy! 

Some shots you can see previously here on my blog. For the best shots you have to wait a little bit. It will be part of the 2nd volume of my book, where it will be included together with other top destinations like Rome, Barcelona … and much more! And BTW the reactions of my American fans were so great, that we think about to “extend” the US part in the next book. There is a lot to explore 😉

Until then you can enjoy “I am (n)u(e)rban”, my first hot nude urban travel guide 😉

<LINK BOOK I am (n)u(e)rban>>

There are really cool extras in the tube for all pre-orderers. More about this within the next days … but for sure you will not regret 😉

HOT kisses your Vienna


There will come some more tomorrow 🙂 keep your eyes open!


  1. Hot as always Vie. You have to come to Canada

  2. She can come see me here Oakland California

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