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Nude Project Video “What is normal?!”

Thanks for the great help of my supporter Bill I could include my nude urban project video on my page 🙂
So that you can watch the unblurred version again … BTW an extended version is already in progress!


I am sooo… happy to tell you, that we reached a final status for my upcoming book this weekend. Only the contract with blurb are open now before we can upload for print. Keep in mind, that you can save your personal discount by registering as pre orderer here: 


For all of you a very positive news: most probably we can reduce the final price for the book again significant. AND 10% off for all pre-orderers will be applied also on the lower price! Details will follow within the next 5 days!

stay nude, stay free, stay happy … and no matter what happens always keep you tail up


Kisses Vienna


  1. I love hearing all the good news V!! I also LOVE seeing that lovely photo of you!! ??❤️? I’ll see if I can get my preorder in soon…

  2. Congrats on the book, and thanks for the amazing video. I love watching you walk away, your INCREDIBLE butt wiggling to and fro.

  3. when i look at pix of u or see vid i jerk off and blo my load thinking of how great it wud be to spank ur ass red then fuck u til u screem

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