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Preparing for fan meeting

With his support Rainer helped a lot to make the book project come true! 

Of course I was really nervous and excited to meet him. I thought a long time about the perfect outfit for a pleasant dinner. What do you think, did I meet his expectations with my outfit?!


About the dinner I will report tomorrow 🙂

Kisses Vienna



  1. Vienna, You look stunning!!!
    Have a fantastic evening, Dear. Kisses 🙂

  2. absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You look great! You certainly get my “appetite” up!

  4. I love that tight bodysuit and those stockings are super sexy!! I think a flirty skirt would have worked better than shorts…but we all know you’ll get plenty of attention in those shorts!! I hope you flash and enjoy your evening, can’t wait to hear and see what you do!!

  5. I think that was sexy but..i guess you never had so many layers over your kitty 😉

    And i think that this aspect made your guest too relaxed during the dinner..
    If i was you, i would look for a slighty sheer long skirt with a deep slit over one hip..just a suggestion for a next time 😉


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