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Fan Meeting

Hi Guys,

today I am really happy to report about my first meeting with a fan who donates my book project with the highest amount. I think we both were very nervous and excited to meet each other but the ice was broken very quick when he surprised me with a big bunch of roses. My present for him was the very first exemplar of “I am (n)u(e)rban” in a very special packing and a personal dedication inside. 




Really happy to hand over this special exemplar for a key supporter of the project 🙂

So the evening developed to a great and funny event. We spoke about all the world and his wife 🙂 and we all laughed a lot! Even the food was delicious like the whole ambient of the restaurant and bar “Carpe diem” in Salzburg.


What about my outfit? It was a big challange to find the right outfit for this meeting, I mean … I am Vienna … of course I want to “show”, but of course with elegance. What do you think about my choice? Do you like it? 


We end the evening with a glas of wine in the long area of the bar. 

Thanks for this great evening and to meet a very special person!

Kisses Vienna


  1. He is one lucky and happy man.

  2. I think your outfit was beautiful, perfect for the occasion. He’s a lucky man to meet you face to face and to spend some time with you.

    Of course, you, with an outfit or not, are quite beautiful!

  3. I’m really glad for you and this fan that this was a so pleasant evening ! I like a lot your outfit ; your choice is excellent , you are very sexy , have a lot of charm , and a lot of elegance …You are adorable … so very pretty ….We love you Vienna ! ♥

  4. I’m excited for both of you! I loved your choice, especially with your lovely breasts poking out! I hope you enjoyed too…can’t wait to see your next special dinner!

  5. He will never forget that time for sure. I bet he will store those few hours in the gold coffer of his memories. And that is your merit. <3

  6. Yes, it was a very pleasant evening in a perfect location that I or better we enjoyed very much. It was really a pleasure to meet Vienna and I am happy to support the nue urban book project. Now that I have been looking in it on several evenings it makes me feel really good. To see Vienna’s adventures in this blog is a real joy, but in a classic real book that I can hold in my hands is even magnificent.
    Thank you for this unforgettable evening, Vienna!

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