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Video – Rainy Days

The third christmas special video is on 🙂

It was such a fun to stroll around in this completely see-through coat 😉


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Video Previews:

Vienna - Rainy Day in City 03.00_02_55_11.Standbild003Vienna - Rainy Day in City 03.00_02_27_24.Standbild002Vienna - Rainy Day in City 03.00_01_13_03.Standbild001Vienna - Rainy Day in City 03.00_00_29_03.Standbild004Vienna - Rainy Day in City 03.00_01_01_20.Standbild005


  1. I think I have seen this one before, but I LOVE it! I adore you and your exhibitionism. I would like to know what you were saying to the different men as you posed for them.

  2. I remember this video!! I loved it! I can only hope you’ll do another someday!

  3. Vienna, I love how You spread Your smile and positive energy with Your adventures. Everyone around You has a good time and a little break from every day work and boredom. Just keep doing what You do with big smile on Your face.
    Stay nude and happy!

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