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Short Update


Hi Guys,

sorry for being so rare during the last days! It was a veeeeeeery busy week. But to make up for the long abstinence there is coming the very naughty last part of my office special this weekend and we have some really hot themes for the next weeks. The warmer season is coming closer and closer … of course I will use this for new outdoor adventures, hehe

Kisses Vienna

Until then you can enjoy the first parts again here:  – password protected – password protected – password protected




  1. I think, angel, that you mean a long absence, not a long abstinence. I can’t imagine you enduring a long abstinence. Certainly not if I were anywhere around.

    Viele liebe, liebling….

    Your Aging Hippie

  2. Miss u at fb. Will you be back there. My wall is not the same after you left <3

  3. I adore Your smile, Vienna. And this little, beautiful pussy of Yours saying “Hi!”.
    Great selfie, girl!

  4. Hi,
    Bin gespanng wie du deine videos noch toppen wirst. Sehr gespannt sogar 😉

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