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Month: January 2016 (page 2 of 2)

A day in the office with Vienna

Hi Guys,

It’s saturday … the second weekend of the year and during the last days Matt and I started to plan the shootings for this Year.


Puh… it’s not easy to handle all dates and my job. Luckily I can do and coordinate both from the same office! It’s so important for me to be Vienna also in the office because it’s my life!

IMG_6016For 2016 we have exciting plans! One of you will be my personal assistant for a weekend!

Would you like to have me as your boss?

More news about this exciting job offer find here:

Certainly sometimes I need some variety and pleasure for myself to my daily work. Maybe this has to do with the fact that my boobs and pussy is not covered behind dark clothes but a transparent top or dress and light skirt in maximum, hehe … mmmhh… really a nice feeling … could you concentrate when I get start to play with myself?


My this month special are some really hot and naughty side stories full of hot explicit pics and videos from my office work … and fun 😉

How to get the password? Send me your book order confirmation or make a donation via donation button on my page.

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Many kisses


January Special!

Nu(de) Year … nu(de) specials!

IMG_6016I hope all who received a personal password last month enjoyed my Christmas specials! 🙂 But a New Year means also lot’s of new hot special material.

Of course I will report about my nude life also in 2016 in my blog posts for free but to reward my special fans who support my projects and nude adventures there will be regularly specials which are password protected like you know it from 2015!

How to get the password? There are 3 ways:

1. BUY MY BOOK I am (n)u(e)rban and send me the order confirmation (you will get the password of the month when you bought the book)
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2. Make a donation of your choice via donation button


3. Send me a letter ( with a donation of your choice!

The start 2016 will be some very naughty stories, pics AND VIDS from my office work. During the next weeks I will show you pics and some stories about me in the office. Next to the regularly posts there will be some more explicit pics and vids in password protected posts. All book buyers in January who send me the order confirmation will get the password by email. All other have the chance to donate via ccbill an amount of your choice and you will also get the password automatically with the confirmation email.

Find here my first hot special office story!



Kisses Vienna

Protected: Getting naughty in the office

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All making of videos online!

Hi Guys,

Good news for all owner of “I am (n)u(e)rban”!

The making of video from Vienna is now online! This means now are all 5 making of videos online and can be watched with the password which you get via QR code in the book! Buy one book full of urban nudism and get 5 making of videos via QR codes as bonus!

Here a little teaser of Vienna and Budapest 😉

Kisses Vienna!
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Become my assistant for a weekend

Hi Guys,

The first applications are already in, although I didn’t describe the job, hehe 😉

So let me tell you more about this project. You always dreamed about that your boss is looking alike?!


This is your chance!

For 2016 I offer a really great chance to meet me in person and work with me! Out of all book buyers from the first tranche (300 exemplars) one of you will have the chance to assist me for a photoshoot (GIRLS HAVE THE CHANCE TO JOIN) in a city next to your home or if you prefer any other city of worldwide which we will chose together (in this case you just have to pay the traveling cost for you).

Job Description:

As my personal assistant for a weekend you will get some important jobs before, during and after the shooting. This will be easy jobs like holding the equipment but also the responsible job of filming some making of videos and behind the scenes videos. You get a cam and make videos whenever you find it’s funny or naughty enough to film.


Additionally you will join two dinners with preparing and evaluation of the shootings.

Dinner Time 🙂



Buy my book I am (n)u(e)rban

Check out my books

Make a picture with you and the book and send it to: viennalove(at)


Write an imaginative reason why are just you the right man for the “job”. This can be things like: the city you choose is the most beautiful and you are the best guide to get there OR you are the most funny assistant I can get OR you are my greatest fan on earth (proof necessary ;)) …

What are your costs?

There are no costs for you if we are in your city. Otherwise you just have to pay your own traveling and accommodation cost (. No board is to pay (incl. 2 dinners!)!

What are you waiting for, make the first step and buy my book “I am (n)u(e)rban”

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Send me your application with picture and become my trainee for a weekend!

IMG_6166Kisses your (BOSS) Vienna


Vienna – Trainee WANTED ;)

As businesswoman I have always a lot of work on my desk …



Checking my dates … do I have a job interview in the next days? Really could need some support mmhh… somebody interested?!



I am (n)u(e)rban … the employee handbook fggg


Check out my books

More hot insights in my office work in the next days, AND for all book buyers and donators in january there will be very naughty bonus pics and vids!

Kisses Vienna

New Years Dinner IV

Yesterday I promised to show you some pictures from the dinner on 1st of january. Of course I keep my promise 🙂

IMG_5778The asian restaurant ShanghaiTan is a really exotic place …

IMG_5779… but it’s not so easy to make pictures because of the “difficult” lighting conditions …

IMG_5780Instead of seats and tables you have layers with flat tables there. It was a nice experience … I really could imagine to mix this concept with a couples club 🙂

New hot posts soon <3 :***

Many kisses Vienna

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New Years Dinner III

After keeping you in suspense today I show you my dinner outfit …

IMG_5721Black high heels, and hold up stockings …

IMG_5755… together with my black low-cut body …

IMG_5774At least a black leather mini skirt … I love it, covered but somehow uncovered at the same time, hehe (a hint for all who want to know if panties or not … have a look on the bed ;))

I am sure, now you would like to see a pic of the dinner …  sorry but therefor you have to be patient … tomorrow with the last part you will see it … it’s a promis 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Kisses Vienna

Preparing for New Years Dinner II

Let’s continue with the preparations for my romantic dinner …

IMG_5659No bra – that’s clear, hehe …

IMG_5667IMG_5674IMG_5703Pussy shaved – check!

IMG_5707Sorry guys … you have to wait one more day to see my dinner outfit, but I hope the preparation pics can rebound you about this …

IMG_5713Especially for a very special fan and friend, Gerald … all the best for you!

See you tomorrow?!

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 Kisses your Vienna

Preparing for New Years Dinner I

2015 was a great and exciting year full of happiness and nudity ☺

With the publication of my first photobook a dream of me came true. I hope that it will bring fun and joy to many of you. As promised all incomes I will use for new nude adventures, means every purchase is an invested to your fun, hehe … 


Of course 2016 shouldn’t fall short compared to 2015! A first highlight already took place. A delicious dinner in one of Vienna’s most exotic Asian restaurants.
In the first part today I show you how I prepared myself for the dinner …



Smokey eyes and a lions mane, rrrrroaaahh…


Lipgloss for glossy lips and …


VERY IMPORTANT for me, the right fragrance!

Are you already curious about my dinner outfit?! Well say this much … as usual I didn’t wear a bra, hehe

See you tomorrow;)

Kisses Vienna

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