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Valentines Strip – Preview Part V

Finally the 5th and last part is online for you!!! I hope you enjoyed my little strip show 😉

VIDEO: <<>>

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Protected: Valentines Strip – Part V Special

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Voyeure Contri – Lingerie Dreams

My new contri “Lingerie Dreams” is already some days online at voyeurweb and I hope you already saw it and gave me your superb vote :)))

I love my Victoria Secret Lingerie and hey it was a present from some wonderful fans! (Stuwden, Renaud and Dirk) BIG KISSES TO YOU :***

These wonderful pictures were taken during our trip to New York. The pictures emanates how wonderful I felt those days in Big Apple. I hope you can feel it too! BTW I have veeeeeeryyyy good news for al who loves my nude urban adventures. THE NEXT TRIP IS BOOKED! 3 spectacular cities within one week. Crazy, can’t wait to start the trip in April!

For all my friends here on my blog some additional pics to my voyeurweb contri. The whole contri you can find under this link:


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Valentines Strip – Preview Part IV

Thanks for all your great messages about the first 3 parts of my valentines strip … so I think you will love this 4th part in a very special way ;)))

VIDEO: <<>>

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Protected: Valentines Strip – Part IV Special

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Making Off Story: Prague

Step by step I will publish some making off stories of my nude urban pictures once more here on my blog! Let’s start today with Prague!

When I am thinking of Prague, I see historical buildings which mirrors in the puddle of the wet cobblestone streets, I see the historical bridges over the Moldau and I see street artist making their trade. It sounds like kitsch, but exactly this was what I found when we visited the City.

Typically for Prague it was raining the entire day, but no problem because this was exactly what I was hoping for a photoshooting in Prague. The people in Prague where unbelievable friendly and I got a lot of great feedback from tourists and locals. Prague is so full of tourists that it cost me quite an effort (even for me) to turn off my coat for the first time. But after I did it once it was just a rush, no matter that it was a cold and rainy day and I really enjoyed to be the naked through all the others. Especially the Asian tourists couldn’t believe their eyes and I am sure that I was one of the main attraction at some photo evenings in Japan later after their holidays 🙂

Here some “making off shots” of this fantastic days in Prague.

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Kisses Vienna

CM (106)CM (108)MF (13)I became a famous photo attraction for asian tourists, hehehe 🙂

IMG_4802IMG_4820A perfect bottom window in our Hotel room …

Valentines Strip – Part III Preview

And here we go on with my hot valentines strip. Part III of my video strip story today for all supporter and book buyers of this week!

VIDEO: <<>>

All who still think about getting the password … here some screenshot appetizer which should make your decision easier 🙂

20160214_valentines_strip_02.00_00_14_05.Standbild002Love my new sweet rubber duck toy 🙂

20160214_valentines_strip_02.00_00_18_20.Standbild001And not only me loves it, hehe 🙂

Hot Kisses Vienna

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Protected: Valentines Strip – Part III Special

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Just my thoughts of the day

Once the great discoverer and seafarer have shown us new worlds … today most of us are caged in society and religious constrains

insight_book_02Kisses Vienna

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Valentines Strip – Part II Preview

The cold days are still not over … best days for a hot shower and some „body care“ after coming out oft he cold.


For all my great supporter and of course as a special for buying „I am (n)u(e)rban“ the 2nd part with two more hot videos are now online!

And we will go on tomorrow! Did I mention that I have a new favourite toy … my sweet pink rubber duck 😉


See you tomorrow!

Kisses Vienna

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