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Voyeurweb Video – Morning Pleasure

Hi Guys,

I guess you already saw my new video on voyeurweb.

What you don’t know is, that it was planned to make the video even naughtier than it’s published now but voyeurweb cut the video by 30 hot seconds.

But no worry for all book buyers and donators of the month … it’s my next bonus for you. Find the cut scenes here scenes here:

Kisses Vienna


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Double Girls Power

Maybe my favorite chapter … Budapest. Together with lovely Gattina from Italy I could enjoy some unforgettable fantastic days in Budapest. As wonderful as the pics are as fix it will stay in my heart.

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso


The today’s bonus post contains the link and the password for the making off video from our great shooting on the chain bridge of Budapest. All book buyer get it anyway. But for all donators which doesn’t have the book a very hot girl/girl special 😉

Bonus with Making Off video:

Kisses Vienna

Protected: Double Girls Power – Bonus

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Outfit Gifts

Hi Guys

During the last weeks I received some really nice and naughty outfits from some great fans as a gift. Of course I would never deny you how it looks on me …


Some more explicit pics I show you within my first bonus post of this bonus post series

How to get the password?

you can choose: donation, buy book, send me a letter …

Find details here:

During the next weeks there will be many hot bonus posts. The highlight will be special background information and “behind the scene” pics and vids of my April tour through 3 famous European Citys! – All with the same password 🙂

Kisses Vienna

Vienna – Nue April Special

My dear friends!

Easter time … best occasion to start a new special bonus posts series. As usual it’s very easy to save your personal password for the specials blog posts by using one of these 3 possibilities:

1. Buy my book “I am (n)u(e)rban!” and send the conformation to my email viennalove(at) I will send you back the pw by email.

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You get a unique book, current password for specials and QR codes for making off videos


2. Make a donation over the donation button. The pw comes automatically with the confirmation email from ccbill


3. Send me a letter with the donation of your choice (also giftcards) to Postfach 18; A-2544 Leobersdorf; Austria)

Let’s start today with the first bonus pics to my fan outfit blog post.

Just to let you know. At the moment I have some exemplars of “I am (n)u(e)rban!” at home. So if you prefer to get the book from me and not over blurb send me an email to viennalove(at)


Many kisses your (nue) Vienna

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Sad Day for Freedom

Still yesterday I wrote that we currently live in an insane world of war and violence, without knowing, that exact this will be proven just hours later. Actually, I want to announce my next nude trip in another way, but now I don’t know if I can feel free as I would love to do … Brussels will be on my spring tour in April. Of course I will not giving them what they want, that we change our way of life and I think especially my way of life is a big thorn in their eyes. 

As I did in Amsterdam and dozens of cities I will do it in Brussel and I want to have the natural right to be as I am everywhere! 


Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-20 um 20.11.14

Because they cannot be beaten with weapons only with courage for freedom. I really appreciate your support very much and hope you continue making this possible!

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Hope to find back in a good mood soon … 

Kisses Vienna

VIENNA Easter Nues

Easter holidays will be coming soon AND it’s finally spriiiiiiiiing! I am looking forward to some free days with Matt and our families. I hope that you are also in the lucky position to look forward to peaceful easter holidays.

In this insane time of war and violence which big parts of the world has to experience every peaceful private moment away from horrible news on TV and newspaper should be enjoyed. The more I am happy and also a little bit proud about to create my own peaceful project. Could there be something more peaceful than to travel the world in the nude?!

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It’s already 3 months ago but it’s still a fantastic feeling to hold my books “I am (n)u(e)rban” in hands … I swear … you should try it 😉 hehe … I am happy and also a little bit proud for my 100% peaceful project I am (n)u(e)ran. I want to set a signal that woman can wear (or not wear) whatever they want, wherever they want and whenever they want!


… you looking for a really unique easter gift … for friends, family or yourself?! 

Many kisses your nue Vienna

Sauna Time

These were really cold and snowy days, during my ski-holidays in the Austrian mountains. Unfortunately no chance to make a new nude skiing video – maybe there will be another chance later this spring …

But of course I really enjoyed it to relax in the sauna after two long skiing days. Not only for me a really hot affair 😉

IMG_0989IMG_0992IMG_0984kisses Vienna

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