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VIENNA Easter Nues

Easter holidays will be coming soon AND it’s finally spriiiiiiiiing! I am looking forward to some free days with Matt and our families. I hope that you are also in the lucky position to look forward to peaceful easter holidays.

In this insane time of war and violence which big parts of the world has to experience every peaceful private moment away from horrible news on TV and newspaper should be enjoyed. The more I am happy and also a little bit proud about to create my own peaceful project. Could there be something more peaceful than to travel the world in the nude?!

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It’s already 3 months ago but it’s still a fantastic feeling to hold my books “I am (n)u(e)rban” in hands … I swear … you should try it 😉 hehe … I am happy and also a little bit proud for my 100% peaceful project I am (n)u(e)ran. I want to set a signal that woman can wear (or not wear) whatever they want, wherever they want and whenever they want!


… you looking for a really unique easter gift … for friends, family or yourself?! 

Many kisses your nue Vienna

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